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located on the River Murray


Importance of Mulwalla

Part of Mulwalla station, Alexander Sloane (T&C18/5/1872)

What was Mulwalla like in the late 1870s

see description of the town (T&C18/5/1872)

Facilities in Mulwalla in the late 1870s

Population 100 Photograph

Map Hotels P Dunn (T&C18/05/1872) Churches Schools Bank Main Streets Local Government Police Station Railway Station Telegraph Office

Post Office Other things of interest the town punt was operated by E Pettier (T&C18/5/1872)

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At the time of the Wombat Murders, there was a punt at Mulwalla across the River Murray to Yarrawonga.

Four New South Wales constables are actively patrolling banks of the Murray.

In early November 1878, that although crossings might be made higher up by fishermen's boats, the lagoons and creeks on other side of the river were in full flood and no escape could be made by the KellyGang . (RC17309)

Members of the Mulwalla community

What happened at Mulwalla after the time of the Kelly Gang

What is happening at Mulwalla today