Murray Flats

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flood plains on the River Murray west of Wodonga

Nearest towns

History at the Murray Flats before the KellyGang

The original aboriginal owners

The First Squatters

Sup Hare hunted the local game on the Murray Flats in the 1850s and 1860s. What was it like? (FH)

The first selectors



What were the Murray Flats like in the late 1870's

The area had many selectors. There were a number of quite famous vineyards and a few dairies which produced good quality cheese

Links to the KellyGang

The KellyGang made the Murray Flats on the evening of Tuesday 29/10/1878 and the morning of the Wednesday. They were on there way to Howlong in New South Wales after the Mansfield Murders. They tried to cross the River Murray but it was in flood. The punt at Bungowannah was under water and it could not go any where.

SConst Mullane was part of a search party of about 7 police to the Murray Flats, on 31/10/1878. (RC13524)

DSet Kennedy led the search party to the Murray flats.

Const Twomey informed Insp Brook Smith that there was information that the KellyGang were on the Wodonga flats, so he asked me to go to the railway station to get a truck ready to convey the horses by the next train the nearest way to the flats. The police boxed the horses and went by the next train as far as Chiltern. There was a telegram there awaiting him and it instructed Insp Brook Smith and his men to remain at Wangaratta, and that Sgt Harkin and Constable Twomey were to proceed to the Wodonga flats and to assist Kennedy and his party there. (RC17447)

On 1/11/878 there was a report of a man having been stuck up by the KellyGang on the Murray flats near the Baumgarten's place. (RC344)

It is likely tat the KellyGang also met up with Margery at this time (CHC)

Rivers Creeks and Hills near the Murray Flats

The Murray Flats are west of Albury on the River Murray.

What happened at the Murray Flats after the time of the Kelly Gang

What is happening at the Murray Flats