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Originally settled by the Dhudoroa Aborigines

Gold was found at Mytleford in the mid 1850's (Argus15/8/64)

Importance of Myrtleford



What was Myrtleford like in the late 1870s

The Myrtleford murder (Argus11/9/71) (Argus17/10/71) (Argus11/11/71) (Argus14/11/71)

Facilities in Myrtleford in the late 1870s

Population Hotels Churches Schools Bank? Main Streets Local Government Police Station Railway Telegraph Office

Post Office

There was a postal route from Everton to Wandiligong via Bowman's Forest, Taylor's Gap, Myrtleford, Eurobin, Porepunka, Bright

and between Myrtleford and Running Creek Other things of interest Ah Shang operated a cook house (Argus17/11/71)

Elizabeth Paul shop keeper (Argus17/11/71)

Trapp's restaurant (Argus17/11/71)

Hear about our Cricket team. See (OMA11/2/1879)

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Rivers Creeks and Hills near Myrtleford

What happened at Myrtleford after the time of the Kelly Gang

By 1900 Myrteford was one of Victoria's major tourist resorts and people really liked this mountain retreat.

People used the train on the line from Wangarratta to Bright to get to Myrtleford

Myrtleford was historically a major centre for the tobacco growing industry,

What is happening at Myrtleford today

The town is now on the cusp of a new era with tourism and gourmet food and wine industries growing in