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Side of Authority
This page contains content from police and those who supported authority.


Before the Fitzpatrick incident the KellyGang moved lots of horses and cattle backwards and forward from Victoria to New South Wales. While there was some co operation between the police on either side of the Murray River, the KellyGang exploited the gaps in the system. AssCom Nicolson told the Royal Commission about the problem and said, that while the stock are frequently recovered, the offenders, said to be New South Wales men, are never convicted. He continued, 'I can see no difficulty in bringing those offenders to justice, if the Ovens district police make systematic arrangements with the co-operation of the well-known Mr Singleton, who is in command of the New South Wales police, Albury district '(RC1040) (RC16222)

The Sydney press wondered how the Victoria police might compare with the New south Wales police (Alexandra23/11/1878)

Prior to Jerilderie the New South Wales police had indulged in a good deal of banter when referring to the inability of the Victorian police to capture the Kellys.  If the Kellys were in New South Wales, they said, they would soon have them in the prison cell.  (JJK)

Sub Insp DJ Mears was stationed at Wagga (T&C9/7/1872)

police at KellyGang

An arrangement was made through the Inspector-General and with the police of New South Wales for the police of one district to communicate with the Victoria police (RC212)


Wombat Murders

New South Wales police told to watch the border for the KellyGang. (Argus31/10/78)

Four New South Wales constables are actively patrolling banks of the River Murray near Mulwalla.

Although crossings might be made higher up by fishermen's boats, lagoons and creeks on other side of the River were in high flood. (RC17309)

We contributed to the Mansfield Police Memorial Fund (Argus1/7/79)

NSW police could do a better job (Argus19/11/78) (Alexandra23/11/1878)

Jerilderie robbery See (Argus12/2/79)

The New South Wales police response (Argus12/2/79) (Argus14/2/79)

For weeks after this, two or three weeks, the New South Wales police kept reporting that the KellyGang was still in that country, in New South Wales. (RC2035)

Captain Moonlite captured (Argus18/11/79) (Argus19/11/79) (Argus20/11/79) (Argus21/11/79) (Argus22/11/79) (Argus28/11/79)

Aaron Sherritt's death While standing orders had been worked out in advance for an event like this the police in Victoria did not give a copy to the New South Wales police. (RC2757)

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