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Melourne Friday

There is nothing fresh concerning the Kellys. Superintendent Hare has permanently succeeded Mr C H Nicolson in the Benalla and Mansfield districts, and purposes making a vigorous search of the entire district in the neighborhood of the Strathbogie Ranges with a picked body of troopers.

The Wangaratta Athenaeum

From Melbourne to Wodonga, Echuca or Swan Hill, there is not a town of any importance which has not, at least, its reading room,where the prinicipal colonial and English journals may be seen. In these districts such institutions have been established almost everywhere that a church, a smithy, a general store and a public house have shown the first sign of advancing civilization. Many of our readers may not be aware that at a place called Bobinawarrah, in the heart of the Kelly country, thanks to the energy of Mr Wallace, the local teacher, Mr Doig and other gentlemen, there is a very compact library and reading room - weapons which in time will render bushranging and unpunished murder impossible. Sometimes these institutions languish for a time during periods of temporary commercial depression. They are indeed so sensitive in this way that they form very good indices of the material condition of the surrounding country, occasionally falling off at the slightest temporary alarm. It is to one of these which has for years enjoyed a high reputation for liberality and efficiency, we npe desire to direct attention. The Wangaratta Athenaeum was launched into existence nearly twenty years ago. For a few years it continued on a very unpretending scale, the only accommodation offered being a small room in the court house, lent by the Government. The committee, however, were neither idle nor hopeless, and gradually raised a sum of money for building purposes. The late Mr Wm Clarke offered the gift of land for the purpose, but an application for a site had also been made to the Government. On the Borough Council also obtaining a grant of land for their chambers both bodies amalgamated, the Athenaeum Committee agreeing to give a certain sum for the use of a portion of the building. On this the committee applied to Mr Clarke for an assignment of the promised allotment with a view to its sale, but that gentleman declined to convey, unless the building was rected on the ground; so the gift fell through. It was subsequently arranged that in consideration of the sum of £200, the committee should have "the permanent and exclusive use of two rooms in the new council buildings' those still occupied ……..

Oxley Coursing Club

To be run for on Wednesday 16th June and following days

The Oxley Stakes, For an unlimited number, of all ages at TWO GUINEAS each

Nominations close with the Hon Secretary on Saturday 12th June at 9am

William K Allan Hon Secretary

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