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Fire at Lake Rowan

On Thursday night a threashing machine belonging to a Mr Reeves of Yackandandah, which had been left in the paddock of Mr Syme, near Lake Rowan, was destroyed by fire. It had been left alongside of a ten ton stack of straw, for the purpose of being protected from the sun, and about two o’clock on Friday morning was seen by a neighbor, Mr George Phillips, in a blaze. The machine and stack were completely destroyed. It is supposed to have been set on fire by some incendiary, as the place was damp all round. It is not known whether the machine was insured. The matter is in the hands of the police at Lake Rowan, and the owner has been communicated with by letter. – Benalla Standard

Trains on the Wahgunyah Line

From the following letter of the Minister for Railways to the residents Corowa, Urana, and Jerilderie, it seems they are not to have more than one train a day:- Department of Railways and Roads, Melbourne, 29th March 1879. Sir,- I have the honor to acknowledge receipt of the petition forwarded by you from Corowa, Urana, and Jerilderie residents complaining of the present arrangement of trains on the Springs and Wahgunyah line. In reply, I am directed by the Commissioner to point out that the passenger traffic at Rutherglen and Wahgunyah, since the line was opened, could be provided for by one train a day instead off two at present running, and as compliance with the request of the petitioners would very materially increase the expenses, and considerably lengthen the hours of labor. Mr. Woods regrets that he cannot entertain the desire of the applicants in the matter by making any alteration to the existing arrangements. I have the honor to be so your most obedient servant, Geo M Lilly, for Secretary, John Orr, MP, Queen-street, Melbourne.’


A meeting of the Benalla Coursing Club was held at the Benalla Hotel on Wednesday evening last. There was a good muster of members; Mr. R McBean in the chair. After the minutes of the previous meeting had been read, the hon. Secretary (Mr. Block) informed the meeting that permission had been granted by the under mentioned to course on their lands, viz Messrs. McBean, Hoskins, Sadleir, Nixon, and Gray. The Secretary also stated that the services of Mr. Gardner of Melbourne, had been secured to act as judge at the forthcoming match. A ballot was then taken for the admission of new members when the following gentleman were elected, viz:- Messrs ET Dunne, Craven, F A Clark, W Walker, R Roe, W Little, J Ryan, D Heany, S Osboldstone, J Norton, F Dreyer, and T Peel. Messrs McBean, Watts, Duncan, Hamilton, Hoskin, and Norton were elected stewards for the season. Some discussion then ensued as to the advisability of coming to some arrangement with the other club, in order that the meetings should not crash. The Secretary of the Benalla Coursing Club (Mr AJ Curtis) was present and suggested that a committee, say of three members from each club, meet, and arrange duties for the season’s running. Messrs. Hamilton, T Watts, and McBurney were appointed to confer with a committee of the other club. The Secretary was instructed to get the subscriptions of the members in before the first meeting, a vote of thanks to the chair. The meeting then closed.


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