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Horses were the cars of today and young men often spent their days dreaming of horses and girls

The best way to show off a good horse was at one of the many local race meetings.

Most towns had a race course and held meetings on a regular basis. Even the smallest town or squatting run had an annual race meeting that was the height of the social events of the year.

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Races at KellyGang

The KellyGang loved their horses and enjoyed race meetings (OMA5/4/79)

Ned Kelly met James Whitty at the races and they discussed stolen horses and cattle

Constable Fitzpatrick had been sent to Cashel in early April 1878 to watch over the race meeting just before the incident with the KellyGang. (RC5944)

There was a famous incident at the Whorouly races.

See race meetings at Albury, Happy Valley (OMA18/1/79)

Chiltern (OMA20/2/79)

Mansfield (Argus7/3/79)

Gunbower (Argus17/1/81)

Samaria (Ensign2/4/1875)

Wangaratta (Ensign4/2/1873)

Winton (Ensign2/4/1875)

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