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Importance of Mr Rankin

Shop keeper in Wood Street Jerilderie

The members of Mr Rankin's family

see also James Edwin Rankin.

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Jerilderie Robbery 10/2/1879 Ned Kelly ordered a number of people to cut down the telegraph poles new the Jerelderie post office. They were sent to my store to get a new axe from my store manager Albert Brasch.

Later I saw the door open and smoke coming from a fire out the back of the Bank of New South Wales branch in Jerilderie. I entered the bank with Mr Gill the editor of the local news paper. We were greeted by the KellyGang. They ordered us over counter to join Mr Living the accountant. We decided to run but I ran into the Royal hotel were they had made a bit of a base in town. Mr Gill ran the other direction. Ned Kelly caught me by the collar of my coat and knocked me off balance inside the hotel wall. He tried to shoot me but stopped at the request of other people in the hotel. Ned Kelly called out to Steve Hart to shoot any one who tried to escape. He called Hart 'Revenge'. See (SMH12/2/79) (OMA13/2/79)

Ned Kelly threatened me with, 'If you attempt to move, you will be the first man to be shot'. I then joined the rest of the KellyGang's prisoners

See also (Argus11/2/79) (Argus12/2/79) (FH) [[[The Complete Inner History of the KellyGang and their Pursuers (40)|JJK]])

'Photograph ' Early Career

Later Career .


wife Catherine McKay (married in 1861) children

William Ducan (b 1863)

James Ewen (b 1864)

Grace Emmeline (b 1866)

John Alexander Nicholson (b1867) - he married a Ellen Jane Challinor  & he  died at Beaudesert QLD unsure on how  the family arrived in the area - he had 4 children from Elise Violet -(b 1904), John Alexander- (b 1908), Herbert Mcintyre-(b 1913)

Herbert Macintyre (b 1869)

Norman Walter (b 1872)

Catherine Elizabeth Constance (b 1873)

Henry Simpson (b 1876)

All of the children were born around Melbourne & BallaratI died in the Jeridlerie area in 1896 My family came to Australia on the Hope in 1852 as unassited migrants. My father;s name was John (44) and mother's was Catherine (nee Ferguson)(age 43). We came  from Craignish  in Scotland. I was one of 6 children.

Margaret (b1829)

Louisa (b 1827)

Mary (b 1830)

Ewen (b 1832)

James (b 1833)

Hugall (b 1839)

What happened to Mr Rankin's family