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near Yackandandah and Middle Creek

In the granite hills behind Beechworth; near the Mares’ Flats, Indigo Creek (Argus4/11/78)

The Country around the Rat's Castle

Why the name, some thing it was the site of a collection of Rat Kangaroos other believe the name relates to the large number of granite boulders. There was a large flat surrounded by ranges

What was Rat's Castle like in the late 1870's


Map The Rats Castle is an outcrop of Granite boulders near Sabastopol.

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After the Mansfield Murders and the escape north AssCom Nicolson sent out a search party to look for the KellyGang under Sergeant Harker of Wodonga up into the country about the Rats Castle. (RC357)

Sgt Steele also lead a party to the area on 2/11/1878. (RC8856) (CHC)

Sup Sadleir noted '.The instructions under which I noted in sending Steele to Beechworth and Rats' Castle were received from Mr. Nicolson, who was then on the only certain clue of the Kellys. In fact it was absolutely certain that they had been at Margery's, and it was so important that police should be placed so as to intercept their probable route from Margery's back to their old haunts, that unless the information at Wangaratta were of a much more positive character, I should not have felt justified in stopping Sergeant Steele's party.' (RC16665)

Reports that the KellyGang was in the Rats Castle area.(Argus4/11/78) Power and other outlaws used the Rats Castle. (Argus4/11/78) (Argus7/11/78)(Kilmore7/11/1878)

See Sebastopol Cavalcade and (CHC) (Argus12/12/78)

Police found out about KellyGang camp in Rats Castle in July 1879

How has the area of the Rat's Castle area changed

What happened in the area of Rat's Castle after the time of the Kelly Gang

What is happening at the Rat's Castle today