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Importance of Mr Rawlins

I came from Lake Winton and assisted the police at the siege at Glenrowan

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Early in 1880 I lived near Winton (Argus20/7/80) Photograph Glenrowan Siege 28/6/1880 Special train leaves Benalla to go to Beechworth - follow up on death of Aaron Sherritt


Arrive at Glenrowan

I arrived at Glenrowan by train at about 2.30 am on the morning of the siege with Sup Hare.(Argus 29/6/1880) (Age) (DailyTelegraph)

I went off with Sup Hare to see Mrs Stanistreet. I knew Glenrowan. Sup Hare gave me a Weberly revolver. (RC8047) (RC9674) (RC11544) (FH)

She told Sup Hare that the KellyGang had taken her husband off into the Warby Ranges. I told Hare that I knew the Ranges well and offered to take the police party that way. (RC10301)

Begining of the siege

I watched the start of the siege from the railway platform? (RC1609) but see (RC8082) (RC11567)

My position when Hare was shot (RC11576)

I held Sup Hare's gun on the platform when the press bound up his hand after he had been shot by the KellyGang. Hare then asked me for the gun. I said, "Surely you are not going back, let me have the gun." Mr. Hare replied, "I am going back". Others advised him that he had better remain where he was for a short time. He took no notice, but walked off in the direction of the hotel, taking the gun with him. He was away some little time, about five minutes I should think, and returned again. (RC10314) (RC11586) (RC11591)

After Hare left the Inn SConst Kelly asked me to get the ammunition. He found it was the wrong ammunition. It was ammunition for the breech-loading guns. I took it down to near Mrs Stanistreet's house. (RC8117) See also (RC10332)

Arrival of Sup Sadleir and the police from Benalla and Wangaratta

I went down to where the railway line had been taken up and struck a match to worn the train with the police from Wangaratta. I told them what had happened. (RC9396)

see also (Argus29/3/82)

Capture of Ned Kelly


Release of the civilians


Burning of Jones's Inn


My conduct at the siege was reported on favorably by Sadleir in his report to the Commissioner of Police. (Argus20/7/80)

I gave a statement to the press (Argus29/6/80)(DailyTelegraph29/6/80) (Argus21/7/80)

Ned Kellys Trial /10/1880

I was not called to give evidence

Kelly Reward Board Following the meetings of the Reward Board in December 1880 I recieved a reward of about £137

I gave evidence before the Reward Board but wanted to change part of it. (RC11544)

Royal Commission I gave evidence to the Royal Commission on 15/6/1881 (RC11544)

What did the press have to say about my evidence (Argus16/6/81) (Argus18/6/81)

The Royal Commission made the following finding in relation to me

"15. The Commission desire to record their approval of the conduct of Mr CH Rawlings during the attack upon the outlaws, and consider that his services deserve some consideration at the hands of the Government. " (RC2ndReport) (JJK)

I gave evidence to the inquiry to review the Royal Commission's decision relating to Sgt Steele. (Argus29/3/82)

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