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Side of Authority
This page contains content from police and those who supported authority.

Dr Samuel Reynolds

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Importance of Dr Reynolds

The doctor who accompanied the search party for the police at Mansfield Murders

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Murders at Stringy Bark Creek in the Wombat Ranges 26/10/1878 I went out with the search party that found the bodies of Const Lonigan and Scanlon.

We left Mansfield in heavy rain at night and made our way out through some of the thickest scrub I have ever seen. The search party set up a base camp about a quarter of a mile away. The police inspector, constables and I went to the site and found the bodies. We found the dead police by striking matches under our coats. The policemen were lying on their backs. The KellyGang had turned all their pockets out. For fear of being ambushed we did not stay long.

I had Lonigan and Scanlon's heads bandaged and we then tied the bodies on to a pack horse, one on either side. We could not find Sgt Kennedy's body for some time.

Back in Mansfield I conducted a post mortem and did not find a lot of bullets in the bodies. (Argus30/10/78)

But see (Argus28/10/78)(Argus29/10/79) (Age12/8/1880) (Alexandra2/11/1878)

I gave evidence at the inquiry into the death of Sgt Kennedy (Argus2/11/78)

I was Sup Sadleir's doctor. (RC1880)(Sadleir)

Photograph Ned Kelly's Trail I was called by the Crown to give evidence on the inquests of Sgt Kennedy and Const Lonigan and Scanlon at Ned Kelly's committal in Beechworth on !!MISSING. (Argus9/8/80) (BWC) (Age12/8/1880) (Argus12/8/80)(Herald12/8/1880)

I gave evidence of my inspection of Const Lonigan's death at Ned Kelly's trial on !!MISSING. (Age 30/11/80) (Argus30/10/80) (JJK)

Early Years I was a doctor at Mansfield. I arrived in town with my family in 1863 Later Service


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