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The Royal Commission Appendix 13

(full text transcription)

PRISONER WILLIAMSON'S STATEMENT.-7.2.1879. The following is a further statement made in the Pentridge prison:-

Williamson alias Brickey does not know Talangatta; but thinks that they would call at Magennis’s for some purpose. They (the Kellys) don't know the country on the other side of the River Murray. Byrnes may know it. They might make from McGennis's to the Maneroo country; but I don't think they would go there. I think they must be about the Dividing Range, on the watershed into Gippsland, and have a camp there, and have come, where they were seen, for the purpose of obtaining rations and be returning to their camp, which they may have formed eighty or ninety miles off. l know no one but McGinnes in the country they are said to have been seen in. Mrs. Kelly should be sent to Beechworth to see the prisoners there, and her daughters; the latter would tell her all they know, and afterwards I might meet her in Melbourne gaol. The daughters would require to be arrested and imprisoned in Beechworth, in order to meet their mother. Don't think they will try to get away just yet. They are probably planning something else like Euroa. They will not be about Buffalo or Morse's Creek. They will keep clear of any place where diggers are working. They have some store where gold is purchased, which Power tried, but missed the gold which was secured on a horse outside, and which Power neglected to examine.

Michael Woodyard states they would be making for the head of the Murray , Paddy's River, in New South Wales ; a track crosses head of Paddy's River to Yarrangobilly Ranges into the Maneroo country, between Paddy's River and Yarrangobilly. The Sparkes, a back station, who would show them the back country. By keeping to east of Kiandra they may reach Queensland . They may have been going to Duncan Macgennis's, the drover, who lives at Towong. They have been at Kiandra. Dan sheared at Maneroo. Steve Hart does not know New South Wales .

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