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Story of the KellyGang - the Royal Commission 10/5/1881

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Summary of the evidence on day 17 of the hearings
Question number Date Witness
4681 - 4687 10/5/1881 Sup Sadleir
4688 - 5140 10/5/1881 Const Dowling
5141 - 5291 10/5/1881 Const Faulkiner
1717 - 1979

1980 - 2120

2452 - 2744

2745 - 3004

4681 - 4687

11866- 11979

12559 - 12565

16657.1 - 16860

17688 - 17786










See these dates for other evidence given by Sup Sadleir
4162 - 4402 5/5/1881 Start of Const Dowling's evidence
5292 -5940 11/5/1881 Continuation of Const Faulkiner's evidence
Appendix Title
20 Minutes of Proceedings at Meetings Held by the Royal Commission


Summary of the evidence on day 17 of the hearings

10/5/1881 Sup Sadleir continued his evidence - some brief highlights

Sup Sadleir commented upon Sup Hare's evidence. I was concerned about the letter from Mr Carrington, the member of the press. Hare's use of the letter is, 'most dishonorable conduct, unbecoming in an officer or a gentleman, if I were to offer those before the Commission, and especially in the absence of the man whose reputation was attacked.'

The Royal Commission responded to this criticism.

Ass Com Nicolson then absolved himself from responsibility for any of Jacob Wilsons problems.

10/5/1881 Const Dowling continued his evidence - some brief highlights

Const Dowling had some close relations with Arron Sherritt. Was Aaron armed in any way.What did they do when Paddy Byrne was around the place. Why were the aboriginal trackers sent out just before Aaron Sherritt was murdered.

10/5/1881 Const Faulkiner commenced his evidence - some brief highlights

In 1881 Const Faulkiner was stationed at Oakleigh. He went to the north east after the KellyGang following the murders at Stringy Bark Creek.

He went out with search parties, watched the bridge over the Mitta Mitta and was stationed at Rutherglen.

Const Falkiner was part of the Sebastopol cavalcade, "we never knew what information we were going on". "They rushed the house with Mr. Nicolson, and through some accident a shot went off against the door. As soon as the men in the distance heard this shot (I was one), we all rushed the house, and after some delay there, finding the outlaws were not there, we went on to Mrs. Byrne's' a distance of three miles"

"I saw him (Aaron Sherritt) that morning when we rushed Mrs. Byrne's house. I think he had an axe on his shoulder, and had been cutting wood a little way from the house."

After this Const Faulkiner was out with Sup Hare on search parties to Lloyd's place

He also went off the the Lancefield robbery. The police thought that the KellyGang had done it for some time

In December 1897 Const Faulkiner was a member of the police cave party that watched Mrs Byrne's home for the KellyGang.The party had the following isntructions, " four of us would be told off with Aaron Sherritt as a guide in watching the house (Mrs. Byrne's place) at night-lime. If possible, we were to try to capture Byrne alive, to stick a handkerchief in his mouth and bring him in to Beechworth. We were to try to capture the others if they came to the place."

They were required to confine themselves to the cave during the day, and about whatever time it suited to go down to Mrs Byrne's house at night. The police boiled their tea with spirits of wine, so as to cause no smoke, and living on bread and fish.

Const Faulkiner was concerened that when he was not doing the secret durty, he was required to work closely with the same community, serving summons etc.

On 2/4/1880 I was asked by SConst Mullane to produce a report. The report sets of the text

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