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Story of the KellyGang - the Royal Commission 10/8/1881

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Question number Date Witness
15288 - 15487 10/8/1881 John Sherritt
15488 - 15572 10/8/1881 Hon Graves MP
15573 - 15743 10/8/1881 Det Ward
15744 - 15773 10/8/1881 SConst Mullane
14842 - 15039

15220 - 15287

15288 - 15487




See these dates for other evidence given by John Sherritt
15212 - 15219 9/8/1881 Start of Hon Graves MP evidence
3020 - 3186

14103 - 14192

3/5/1881 28/7/1881 See these dates for other evidence given by Det Ward
Appendix Title
20 Minutes of Proceedings at Meetings Held by the Royal Commission

Summary of the evidence on day 45 of the hearings

10/8/1881 John Sherritt continued his evidence - some brief highlights

Who came to see me on 23/11/1879?


10/8/1881 Hon Graves MP continued his evidence -

some brief highlights

Why did Graves stop being a Commissioner and become a witness?

Graves was manager of Tatong.

"The police almost had at that time the whole families of the Lloyds, Kellys, and Quins completely under observation. And without a thorough knowledge of those people and their personal appearance, and a thorough knowledge of the country, I do not care how efficient a constable may be, he is utterly useless in dealing with them."

Speaking of the people around Kilfera Graves said, "At any time that you went about those places, any of their houses, you always saw strange faces there. If I asked my stockman who knew all these men, who they were, he would say, "He has just got out,""

Graves had a run in with Dan Kelly. What happened?

"if my information was correct, was exactly the (police went the) opposite way to what they ought to have gone."

What happened at the Euroa robbery?

Did James Wallace write the Connor letter?

Was Ned Kelly seen in Melbourne?

Did you ever hear it said that these men, Kennedy and Scanlan, had information as to where the Kellys were?

"Gold was sold in Mansfield. People might not have known exactly whether it was the KellyGang , but they knew people evading the law were there ... and those things could not occur without people knowing."

Who was Henry Perkins and did Sgt Kennedy have advance warning about the KellyGang's gold mining activity from him?

Did someone from Violet Town write the Connor letter?

Did the KellyGang make use of the Strathbogie Ranges?

Did the KellyGang visit Euroa prior to the robbery?

Why did Sadleir send Kennedy and Steele into the same area from Mansfield and Greta just prior to the murders?

There was a clash between Graves and Hall. Why did these two commissioners fall out and what was the role of the press?

Who was responsible; Standish, Nicolson, Sadleir, Hare or some one else?


10/8/1881 Det Ward continued his evidence -

some brief highlights

What happened at the meeting between John Sherritt, Ward and Nicolson on 13/11/1879?

When did John Sherritt meet Joe Byrne and why?

Who gave Aaron Sherritt the clothes he was shot including the coat, and pants?

Could Ward follow up on citings of members of the KellyGang?

Who was out of favour, Jack or Aaron Sherritt?

Why was Jack 'not so friendly'?

Did Jack or Paddy Byrne steal Belle's side saddle and a gold watch from Aaron Sherritt?

What happened when Jack Sherritt came into Beechworth on 13/11/1879?

Who much did Jack Sherritt get paid?

10/8/1881 SConst Mullane continued his evidence - some brief highlights

Did Jack Sherritt help the police?

Interchange between Nicolson, Jack Sherritt and Ward over meeting between Dan Kelly and Jack Sherritt. What really happened. See Nicolson's notes of the meeting?

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