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Story of the KellyGang - the Royal Commission 13/4/1881

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Summary of the evidence on day 12 of the hearings
Question number Date Witness
2245 - 2451 13/4/1881 Wyatt PM
2452 - 2744 13/4/1881 Sup Sadleir
2121 - 2239 12/4/1881 see day before for the start of Mr Wyatt's evidence
1717 - 1979

1980 - 2120



See these days for the start of Sup Sadleir's evidence
2745 - 3004

3005 - 3019

11866 - 11979

12559 - 12565

16657.1 - 16860

17688 - 17786







See these dates for other evidence given by Sup Sadleir
Appendix Title
20 Minutes of Proceedings at Meetings Held by the Royal Commission


Summary of the evidence on day 12 of the hearings

13/4/1881 Mr Wyatt continued his evidence - some brief highlights

Mr Wyatt was the police magistrate who travelled down to Euroa on the day of the robbery and saw that the telegraph lines had been cut. He started by correcting the timing that he gave earlier.

When Ned Kelly was committed by Mr Wyatt and he brought him down to Melbourne.

Wyatt was involved in remanding the sympathizers. He thought that the arrests and the policy of keeping them on remand in Beechworth gaol was a mistake. Why; he explained?

He also had dealings with Wild Wright about the possibility of releasing Mrs Kelly. Wyatt sets out his response.

After the Euroa robbery Wyatt spent sometime discussing the nature of police / telegraph co operation; could things have been done better?

When Mr Wyatt arrived Benalla the telegraph staff thought


13/4/1881 Sup Sadleir continued his evidence -

some brief highlights

Sup Sadleir continued his evidence with the events surrounding the Euroa robbery. He was asked, 'Was there any understanding between the police authorities and the officers of the Telegraph Department with regard to the action to be taken on any alarm or any suspicious circumstance arising'

Sadleir produced a report, see Appendix 5, of the suspected citings of the KellyGang.

The Royal Commission asked, then from your own knowledge of the KellyGang did they remain in the district all the time except when at Jerilderie.

Were the Artillery of any value whatever towards the capture of the KellyGang?

Why did Sadleir try to dissuade Mr. Hare from coming to the district?

The pay of the police varied during the period. Sadlier discussed why these changes were made and what amounts were paid for constables and officers.

What sot of correspondence was handed over by Nicolson to Hare when Nicolson left Benalla in early June 1880?

What happened to Nicolson's agents; what did Hare do with the agents?

What sort of information did the Diseased Stock Agent give?

What was the difference between the jobs done by Sadleir and Nicolson and how was the office layed out?

How many police spies did Nicolson havein June 1880?

Why did Nicolson and Hare both cross examine Sadleir?

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