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Story of the KellyGang - the Royal Commission 28/6/1881

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Summary of the evidence on day 33 of the hearings
Question number Date Witness
12285 - 12289 28/6/1881 Sup Hare
12290 - 12353 28/6/1881 Rev M Gibney
12354 - 12558 28/6/1881 SConst Johnston
1238 -1357

1358 -1464

1465 - 1592

1593 - 1632

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16315 - 16656







See these dates for other evidence given by Sup Hare
12769 - 12800 6/7/1881 Other evidence given by Rev M Gibney
7129 - 7372 13/5/1881 Other evidence given by SConst Johnston
Appendix Title
3 Superintendent Hare's report
20 Minutes of Proceedings at Meetings Held by the Royal Commission

Summary of the evidence on day 33 of the hearings

28/6/1881 Sup Hare continued his evidence - some brief highlights

Sup Hare answered a number of questions about his relationship with Jacob Wilson.

28/6/1881 Rev Gibney commenced his evidence - some brief highlights

Rev Gibney described his role at the Glenrowan siege. He had been staying at Kilmore and arrived on the train going to Albury and Sydney.

When he came to Benalla he was told there that Ned Kelly was taken, that he was wounded, that the others were stuck up. He enquired if there was any Catholic clergyman there and then made up his mind to stay to attend to Ned Kelly and then to any others.

When he got to see Ned Kelly he was dying, fainting from time to time. Would the boys at the Inn surrender?

The Royal Commission asked, did the police seem to have the appearance of being guided by orders. Gibney gave a direct answer

Shortly before Jones's Inn was set on fire he met Ned Kelly's sisters and offered to see the police. He then went up to the Inn when it was set on fire. He saw Joe Byrne's body and he then went on through the burning Inn and saw the bodies of Dan Kelly and Steve Hart. All this is described in some detail.

How did they die?

From the way in which they were lying, with a pillow of bags under their heads, could they have been laid out by some one?

Was there any sign of blood?

Were there weapons?

How did they die?

How long was he in the Inn?

Where were the police at this time?

Gibney made a statement about the payment of a a reward to him.

He found Martin Cherry in the back room.


28/6/1881 SConst Johnston continued his evidence -

some brief highlights

The Royal Commission examined SConst Johnston particularly upon the time you were in pursuit of the KellyGang They were concerned about the time it was supposed the Kellys had passed Wangaratta, and a party was sent out after them in charge of Insp Brooke Smith

On 12/11/1878 Ass Com Nicolson, Sup Sadleir, Insp Brooke Smith, Sgt Steele and a large body of police went back into the Warby Ranges to continue to follow the tracks.

Local trackers were used. They had problems moving through the thick bush with the fear of being shot by the KellyGang.

Johnson was not happy and he blamed Brooke Smith. The following day he left for Wangaratta and Brooke Smith for Benalla with three other policemen.

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