Royal Commission report 28/7/1881

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Story of the KellyGang - the Royal Commission 28/7/1881

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Summary of the evidence on day 40 of the hearings
Question number Date Witness
14103 - 14192 28/7/1881 Det Ward
3020 - 3186

15573 - 15743



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Appendix Title
20 Minutes of Proceedings at Meetings Held by the Royal Commission

Summary of the evidence on day 40 of the hearings

28/7/1881 Det Ward continued his evidence - some brief highlights

The agent sent to see what the Chappells knew

You remember asking for a report from the constables who were in the cave, known as Mr. Nicolson's cave party (the one watching Mrs Byrne's home)?

The Royal Commission told Ward, 'we want this cleared up, because I may tell you it has a very ugly face upon it'

What was wrong in Const Barry's report?

What was Mullane's role in this situation?

Why did Ward not tell Nicolson that the cave party was known to the Byrne family?

What happened in consequence of a row between Barry, Mullane, and Falkiner?

The Royal Commission asked, 'Then we come to the one simple question, and the answer must be simple, that you were aware those men believed that it was known they were in the cave, and you did not report?-' What was Ward's response to this direct question?

One of the Sherritt girls proved to be 'a secret, cunning, good girl', who was this?

What was the relationship between Mrs Byrne, Mrs Byron and Mr Batchelor?

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