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Story of the KellyGang - the Royal Commission 31/8/1881

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Summary of the evidence on day 47 of the hearings
Question number Date Witness
15960 - 16311 31/8/1881 Captain Standish
16312 - 16314 31/8/1881 Sup Winch
1 - 324

15774 - 15959



See these dates for other evidence given by Com Standish
14193 - 14318 2/8/1881 See start of Sup Winch's evidence
Appendix Title
20 Minutes of Proceedings at Meetings Held by the Royal Commission


Summary of the evidence on day 47 of the hearings

31/8/1881 Captain Standish continued his evidence - some brief highlights

This session stated with questions about the basis of Standish's disagreements with his fellow police officers.

"The only evidence bearing on that point is the feud that ensued between Mr. Nicolson and myself, and also the disagreement between myself and Mr. O'Connor; but that was not an official, but entirely a private matter."(Standish)

"The first we find of it in your evidence is in question 15, where you intimate you had confidence at one time in him, but you had not afterwards" (The Royal Commission)

The Royal Commission took Standish back to many of his earlier answers and to his discussions with Government Ministers including Berry and and Ramsay.

Standish then critised Nicolson's approach prior to the Euroa robbery of running around the country with no object.

Later speaking of the time when he was in charge of the hunt for the KellyGang Standish answered the question, "During the seven months you were there, did you ever come, as far as you understand, anywhere near the Kellys?" with the following response, "Well, I was never near the Kellys."

What happened when Nicolson took over the second time?

Were the tactics used by Nicolson effective?

'Are you justified now in condemning Mr. Nicolson for not doing, with half the number of men, what you did not do with double?'

'That is a distinct answer. Now in what way will you consider your own want of success with double the means, having condemned Mr. Nicolson?'

'Then it would be only fair to admit that the condemnation was not so really deserved as you at first imagined?'

'Did you always consider John Sherritt a reliable agent?'

Was James Wallace reliable?

Was Joe Byrne offered a deal?

Did Standish employ agents and how much did he pay them?

'I do not want to say anything against Mr. Nicolson, but if you insist upon my speaking I must do so. '

'There is a clear plan running through your evidence, and that plan is to elevate Mr. Hare and depress Mr. Nicolson. I ask any man to read that, and if he does not rise up from the reading of it with that impression I do not understand his mental power?' What could Standish say in response to the Royal Commissioners?

'I think he is the best officer in the police force out and out, without exception.' Who was he refering to?

What did Standish think of Moors?

'time of my banishment at Benalla'; really Mr Commissioner of police.

What was the state of the main police office in Melbourne when Standish was up at Benalla incharge of the hunt for the KellyGang and Nicolson was incharge of the main office?

Did Standish support the use of the Queensland trackers?

Standish called the remarks of one of his fellow officers, 'a tissue of lies from beginning to end.'

What did Sadleir, Hare and O'Connor think of Standish?

'Then in reality you consider that according to your evidence that you had a right to keep all the information to yourself and not let your officers know anything?

Did Standish consider the actions of the KellyGang crime of great magnitude?

Did Standish have confidence in his police?

What happened to Glenmore and why?

What happened on the day after the Glenrowan siege?

What happened when Standish first heard about the death of Aaron Sherritt?

O'Connor, ' "hummed" and "hawed" and "pooh-poohed" a good deal, but the conversation did not last long'

Did Standish object to the trackers being on parade?

What happened after Harry Power was arrested?

31/8/1881 Sup Winch continued his


evidence -

some brief highlights

"There is one thing, as I am here, I should like to state, and that is with respect to what Captain Standish said yesterday about my following him up stairs, and crying in his room. It is simply untrue."

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