Royal Commission report Appendix 14

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The Royal Commission Appendix 14

(full text transcription)

Police Memos



MEMO. Police Department, Superintendent’s Office, Benalla, 2/8/79.

With reference to the further reductions contemplated in the police strength of this district, will Mr. Sadleir be good enough to favor me with his views on the subject.

C. H. NICOLSON, A. C. Police.

J. Sadleir, Esq., Supt. of Police, North-Eastern District.



MEMO. Police Department, Superintendent's Office, Benalla, August 2nd 1879 .

I do not see how any further reductions can be effected, especially in the case of small townships where banks are situated, and the danger of doing so will be at once obvious on a consideration of the circumstances that have occurred since the outbreak of the Kelly gang—

Some time after the police murders, and before the Euroa bank robbery, I applied for still further additions to the police, in anticipation of some new outlaws by the outlaw,, but these were not supplied. Notwithstanding the utmost activity on the part of the police, the bank robbery referred to and the “stick-ing up” of Faithful's Creek station followed. An immediate increase, making the strength greater than it is at present by about 50 police and 20 artillery, was effected on the Chief Commissioner taking the personal direction of affairs here, and was continued until very recently.

The protection thus afforded was effectual, and the outlaws have been forced to carry on their depredations since in N. S. Wales.

We have greater reason now than we perhaps ever had before for expecting further outrage. Within the last few days we have had reliable information that the outlaws are in the district; that they are pressed for money; and that they intend attempting another bank robbery.

If the proposed reductions are carried out, I believe there will be further outrage and loss of life, and it appears to me that the police, having failed to prevent in the first instance the present unfortunate condition of affairs should not now refuse the protection necessary in consequence.

J. SADLEIR, Superintendent of Police.

The Assistant Commissioner of Police, Benalla.

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