Royal Commission report Appendix 5

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The Royal Commission Appendix 5

(full text transcription)

Reported Appearances of the Kelly Outlaws

Inserted by Sadleir

The portion of the return within brackets [ ] is that furnished by Superintendent Sadleir. The other portion contains additions to Mr. Sadleir's return, remarks thereon, and the particulars of some cases not noted by him.

Date report received

Date of appearance

Where seen

Steps taken by Police

1878 1878

Mr. Nicolson in charge

2/11/78 31/10/78 At Margery and Peterson's near Bungowannah Search by Detective Kennedy, and subsequently by Mr. Nicolson, to November 5th.
4or5/11/78 4/11/78 Wangaratta Bridge and crossings at railway Inspector Brooke Smith making inguiry. In the meantime search started at Sheep Station Creek. Later tracks taken up by Mr. Smith, which led to police horses being found on Warby's Ranges. The identity of offenders only conjectured by informants
6/11/78 3/11/78 At Sheep Station Creek, by bark stripper Search party, under Captain Standish, Mr. Nicolson, and Mr. Sadleir, at daybreak on 7th. [Sebastopol Cavalcade]
6/11/78 29/10/78 Pioneer Bridge No search, later information having been received
11/11/78 11/11/78 Crossing railway near Glenowan; reported by platelayer, who did not identify offender. Search by Messrs. Nicolson, Sadleir, and Smith, with party, on 12th, at daybreak; unable to follow tracks.
6/12/78 Not given Near Gaffney's Creek Search and inquiry by local police, and not traced.
10/12/78 9 & 10/12/78 Faithful's Creek and Euroa This was the date when Euroa bank was stuck up. Search by police, under Mr. Nicolson.()
I3/12/78 12/12/78 Near Violet Town Rumor unfounded.

Captain Standish and Mr. Hare in charge.

18/12/78 24/11/78 Violet Town Rumor unfounded
19/12/78 8/12/78 At Chappell's, Woolshed Creek near Beechworth No steps taken; later appearance at Euroa on 10th instant.
21/12/78 Not given x Strathbogie Report unfounded
23/12/78 Not given x Kialla Report unfounded
26/12/78 Not given x At Yarck, twelve miles from Alexandra, by a man named Ware Inquiry by Alexandra police. Report found to be untrue
27/12/78 26/12/78 Seven miles from Lake Rowan (Steve Hart only seen), by Joseph Coombes Inquiry by Lake Rowan police. Report found to be untrue
28/12/78 About


Near Doon Rumor unfounded.
30/12/78 22/12/78 At Mrs. Byrne's, Sebastopol (Joe Byrne only) Report too old to be acted on. Reported by Detective Ward.
30/12/78 X Near Moyhu Report unfounded
31/12/78 21/12/78 Ned Kelly only. At Mrs. Byrne's No steps. Reported by Detective Ward, who recommends Mrs. Byrne's house to be watched.
3/1/79 30/12/78 Wallan Wallan Local police searched. Found to be untrue.
7/1/79 6/1/79 Four men, supposed Kellys, at Green Hills near Wodonga Place searched by Sergeant Harkin and party, but no trace.
7/1/79 5/1/79 Near cotter's Broken River Inquiry by Mansfield police; the informant, Eyres, not reliable. No trace.

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