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The Royal Commission evidence for 13/4/1881

(full text transcription)

(see also introduction to day 12)

Superintendent Sadeir giving evidence

2543 How far is that from Beechworth?— Four to six miles, taking the shortest way, somewhere near Sheep Station Creek; four to six miles from Beechworth.

2544 I suppose that information caused you to send out that watch party to Sherritt's hut?— I am afraid to speak without book, but I can find out in ten minutes—that would be under Mr. Nicolson, a week before Mr. Hare's arrival, I am speaking of.

2545 In the interview of a quarter of an hour or twenty minutes, did Mr. Nicolson inform Mr. Hare of the detailed arrangements he had under his control, such as the watch party at Beechworth?— I do not remember about that

2546 Did he tell him the supply of money had been stopped and he would have to dismiss the agents?— No.

2547 Did you?— I do not think there was any allusion to that.

2548 Did Mr. Nicolson tell Mr. Hare that he proposed to call in all his agents at that time? I think there was an understanding that if they were to be maintained, Mr. Hare would have to see to it, and act upon his own responsibility about it.

2549 Between Mr. Nicolson and Mr. Hare?— That Mr. Nicolson would be fully relieved of all responsibility, and if they were to be kept on, Mr. Hare would have to keep them on, on his responsibility.

2550 Was that a matter of conversation between Mr. Nicolson and Mr. Hare?— I think it must have been, because it was only then I could have had an opportunity of understanding that.

2551 Did Mr. Nicolson say, “There are certain parties in the pay of the police, you kind better communicate to them what you intend to do in the future”?— That brings to my mind that there were some of those parties that we were not authorized, without their consent, to hand over to Mr. Hare. I undertook to get their consent and inform Mr. Hare, and rather than discharge them, I was to arrange, knowing them all, to ascertain their wishes upon the subject and then report to Mr. Hare.

2552 Do you remember if at this time the agent going by the alias “Hunter” was employed at this time?— At that time, I think not.

2553 Or “Bruce”?— Yes, I think he was got rid of at that time.

2554 Can you give any reason why he was got rid of?— I think he was trying to swindle the police out of money—that is, he was trying to get money for false information; I never saw the man.

2555 What was the false information?— I never had any communication with him, and all I have is by hearsay.

2556 Who is the officer who communicated with that man “Bruce”?— Captain Standish or Mr. Nicolson, I think

2557 They only could give him information?— They were the people in communication with “Bruce” I do not think I ever saw him.

2558 By Mr. Nicolson. —Do you recollect the interview after lunch time with Mr. Hare?— I remember Mr. Nicolson asking Mr. Hare to dinner, but that is all I remember.

2559 By the Commission. —You were not at dinner with them?— No. My recollection goes this far, that Mr. Nicolson asked Mr. Hare to dine with him at his hotel that day.

2560 How long was that after the interview you spoke of?— I really cannot say.

2561 Was it in the afternoon?— My impression is it was after luncheon—the dinner hour is six o'clock . I heard them talking no business during that time.

2562 Were they both stopping at the same hotel—Craven's?— Yes, I believe so.

2563 Were you present the whole time they were together in the afternoon?— No, I did not see them together in the afternoon, except during this little interview. I am sure Mr. Nicolson went away immediately.

2564 By Mr. Nicolson . —In what order did we leave the office on the first interview?— I cannot tell you. I fancy Mr. O'Connor left first—my recollection of it is imperfect. I was busy writing with my back turned a great deal of the time to the other officers, and I do not remember who left the room first.

2565 What time did the train come in that day?— A quarter past eleven .

2566 What time did Mr. Hare arrive at your office?— Perhaps twenty minutes or half-an-hour after that.

2567 That would be before twelve?— Yes......

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