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The Royal Commission evidence for 5/5/1881

(full text transcription)

(see also introduction to day 16)

'Jacob Wilson giving evidence'

4448 Did you tell the police they might take the hay if they liked?— Yes; Mills said they must have the hay as their horses were knocked up, and paid me for it.

4449 After they went away that time did you give any other information to the police?— Yes.

4450 Who did you see next?— I do not know the name of the policemen, only Senior-constable Mills, but I saw Inspector O'Connor.

4451 Did you offer to give any information to the police?— Yes.

4452 What did you say?— I told Mills, when he asked me if I would have a look-out in Eagan 's paddock for horses.

4453 Where was that?— A mile and a half from my place. I did look in Eagan's paddock, and I saw no horses there, only their own horses.

4454 Did you see any trace of the outlaws after that at all?— After that I heard nothing. This was in 1879, and I heard there was nothing before 1880.

4455 Can you say what month in 1880?— In March.

4456 What occurred to you March 1880 about the outlaws—you mean you gave no further information to the police till March 1880?— No; I did not give any information to the police till April 3 rd 1880.

4457 What information did you give then on the 3rd April?— Some hobbles I found; but I was frightened to give any information, because after they had their horses in my paddock the outlaws' friends came to my house at three o'clock in the night and ordered me up, and I would not get up. Then they took a big piece of stick, and said they would bet me up; that was James Quinn and John Hart, at the Fifteen-mile Creek.

4458 What relation is he to Steve Hart?— I do not know whether he is any. They came then and called me to get up.

4459 What names did they call you?— An old b—

4460 And to get up?— Yes; and I said I would not get up, and I asked what they wanted, and they said “Get up;” that was all they said. They then came into my room with the stick and said I was to get up, and I got up and dressed, and I ran away to my neighbors.

4461 What for?— I got frightened of them.

4462 Did they follow you?— They called me back and told me to come down in the creek, and I went down.

4463 Where was the creek?— About fifty yards from my house. They did not say anything going down, and I did not know what they were going to do with me. There they had two horses in a dray with a plough, and two horses tied up—they could not cross the creek, and they asked me to see them across the creek. It was a little deep creek above the crossing place.

4464 Did you see Mr. Sadleir after this?— Yes.

4465 What did you tell him?— Sergeant Whelan was the first one. I told him Jim Quinn had been at my house.

4466 Did you tell Mr. Sadleir you had found any hobbles?— Yes, that was in March 1880

4467 What did you tell him?— I told him that I found five pair of hobbles in the next paddock to me in some ferns.

4468 Whose paddock was that?— It belonged to the Kilfera station.

4469 Is that known as Patterson's paddock?— Yes.

4470 Whose paddock is next to that?— Tom Lloyd's.

4471 Did you tell him whose the hobbles were?— I told him they belonged to the outlaws, I thought.

4472 Anything else?— Some sort of a cloth they still had some provisions in.

4473 Did you tell him there was a high bank of ferns that you thought they camped in, and sardine tins?— Yes, and newspapers, and all that sort of thing.

4474 Did you tell him you thought they camped there constantly?— Yes, I saw a lot of horses at Tom Lloyd's at various times—three times.

4475 Did Mr. Sadleir ask you to keep a watch on Tom Lloyd's place?— Yes.

4476 In consequence of your telling him the outlaws visited there?— Yes.

4477 Did you see the outlaws at Tom Lloyd's?— I could not tell that.

4478 Did you go up on one occasion believing they were there?— Yes, I went up.

4479 Did you hear the outlaws at Tom Lloyd's?— Yes, I heard Dan Kelly in Tom Lloyd's.....

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