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The Royal Commission evidence for 5/5/1881

(full text transcription)

(see also introduction to day 16)

[[../../people/peU_Z/wilsonJacobFA.html|Jacob Wilson]] giving evidence

4634 Did you hear old Lloyd?— No. I heard footsteps of some one on the other side, but I cannot tell who they were.

4635 By Mr. Sadleir. —Did you see any arms with them?— I did not.

4636 And yet you think they were looking after the police—the outlaws?— I am certain sure it was the outlaws.

Mr. Sadleir . —I have a note of that visit too.

4637 By the Commission. —What did he tell about that?:

Mr. Nicolson . —Not a word, not the smallest word. The note about it is simply “A visit from old Wilson, Greta.” His story was pretty much all as it is now. He was sure there were visits of people to the Lloyds, and that is why the action was taken.

4638 By the Commission. —Is there a date to that “ A visit from old Wilson, Greta”?

Mr. Nicolson . —14th May.

4639 By the Commission (to the witness). —You could not have told on the 14th about the time you were up the tree?— Yes, that is the time I was up the tree, and I did not tell till the 16th. I was sick the day after; I was frightened to death. I told Mr. Nicolson and Mr. Sadleir both.

4640 Did you tell them you had to take refuge in a tree on the night of the 14th?— Yes.

4641 Did you see them take notes?— No.

4642 Did you tell them you had seen Dan Kelly and Lloyd together there?— I cannot tell that.

4643 By Mr. Sadleir. —Did you ever see Dan Kelly after that at Lloyd's?— No.

4644 You saw Mr. Hare also?— Yes.

4645 Did you tell him about it?— No, Mr. Hare never questioned me.

4646 Did you tell him you had seen him?— I do not know whether I spoke to him about being in the cherry-tree or not, because I spoke to Superintendent Nicolson about that.

4647 Did you see Ned Kelly at Lloyd's after that?— No, not Dan Kelly.

4648 By the Commission. —Did you see Ned Kelly after the murders of the police at Mansfield?— Yes.

4649 You said just now you could not say whether it was before or after the murders?— I said two or three months after the murders. I do not remember whether it was December or January when he crossed the road.

4650 By Mr. Nicolson. —Do you remember seeing me once in the office?— Yes.

4651 You applied for your son about the police force?— Yes.

4652 And in the course of our conversation you told me something about mounted men coming to Lloyd 's house in the evening?— Yes.

4653 Did you not ask me to send a man there to watch there?— No; you asked me could I take a couple of men out, and that you would pay for them, and I said to you that I would be quite willing if you would promise me to protect me if anything happened, and you said you would, and it was all right, and it was a very dangerous matter for me to take a man there.

4654 Are you aware that just a day or two after that, that I met old Tom Lloyd in the road?— No, I am not.

4655 Do you remember one time in the Kilfera road seeing me talking with Tom Lloyd, both of us on horseback?— I remember it very well, but I did not know it was you then;—you had a big coat on.

4656 Do you remember, on that particular road, one afternoon seeing me talking with Tom Lloyd, both of us on horseback, and you went back?— Yes, I do, perfectly well. Tom Lloyd had a bundle of boots on his saddle. I did not know you, and I did not like to look much, because Tom Lloyd might be inquisitive.

4657 Are you aware that Tom Lloyd abused you to me?— No.

4658 He did abuse you as a personal enemy, and that he had his eye on you. I did not send two men there?— No.

4659 I did not send Stephens to you?— No.....

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