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The Royal Commission evidence for 5/5/1881

(full text transcription)

(see also introduction to day 16)

[[../../people/peU_Z/wilsonJacobFA.html|Jacob Wilson]] giving evidence

4660 Are you aware that Stephens was a man very well known as working at the railway?— Yes, but I did not know that then.

4661 Are you aware when I proposed to send Stephens to your place that it was impossible, as he was almost as well known as you were there; was he not known to the people all about?— Yes.

4662 Was he not known to the Lloyds ?— I do not know.

4663 Are you not aware that Stephens, the railway man, was known as a railway guard?— I know he was well known to them all about there as being a railway guard.

4664 Would it have been a proper thing of me to have sent Stephens to take care of you—a man so well known as a Government servant?— No, it would not be the proper thing to send him.

4665 Are you aware I was removed from the district soon after that?— Yes, in the latter end of May. I told you distinctly— “If you send men to my place, send dirty-looking men, who would not be detected as being policemen.”

4666 By the Commission. —Did Stephens go out in the day?— No, only night.

4667 He was not known to be there by the outlaws' friends?— Oh, they knew that he was there. They knew there was a man, because I stated to them that there was a man stopping at my place. He was going up shooting—that was the yarn I gave them—and I allowed him to leave his horse in my paddock till he was ready to go up; and when the Kellys were captured this man disappeared.

4668 Did they know it was Stephens at that time?— No, they said where was the man gone that was stopping at your place. I said we ran out of provisions, and said he could go and stop where he liked. I made it up to clear myself.

4669 He came to your place on the 14th of June?— Yes.

4670 Did you know his name was Stephens ?— Not till he told me himself.

4671 How soon did you know that?— The same day he came.

4672 To your knowledge did the people about there know he was Stephens that was in the pay of the Government in June?— Yes, they did, because he had been three months on Glenrowan railway station, and they were going up there with their produce, and he was helping to unload on the railway.

4673 Did the people round there know that he was in your house as Stephens . Did he show himself about the neighborhood that they would know?— Yes.

4674 You said they did not know he was there?— They knew it was Stephens , because two men ploughing my land knew him directly they saw him, and their names were Petersons , living at Greta .

4675 Did Stephens tell you he was dismissed from the railway service?— He told me, of course. I know it when he came to me what he was. He told me he had been on the Glenrowan railway station, and that he was dismissed. McDonald did not know but that he was dismissed.

4676 Who was McDonald ?— The publican.

4677 Did Stephens tell you he knew the Kellys by appearance?— No.

4678 Did he say he would know them if he saw them?— No.

4679 By Mr. Hare . —He saw them at Faithfull's Creek?— Yes.

4680 Did he not say he knew the outlaws?— Yes, he said if I saw Byrne ever, he had a double lip.

The witness withdrew

Adjourned to to morrow at Eleven o'clock

[~[[See report of Proceedings 5/5/81]|6000]~]

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