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The Royal Commission evidence for 7/6/1881

(full text transcription)

(see also introduction to day 26)

Mr Carrington giving evidence

10114 About what time in the day did you see the last shot come from the hotel?— Well I do not think there were any shots fired after ten. I am not sure, but you could not very well tell, because there was more danger from the police scattered round. The police on the hill might have fired a shot and people have thought it came from the hotel.

10115 Was there danger of the police shooting each other?— Undoubtedly. I went down during the day to the Beechworth end and knelt behind a log with one of the police, and while we were sitting there—I was making a drawing—a rifle ball came over our heads. I will swear it was not fired from the hotel, because I was looking at the hotel at the time. It must have come from the ranges at the back—the south end.

10116 By Mr. O'Connor When the special train arrived from Melbourne at Glenrowan, what part of the train were you in — on the engine?— No.

10117 It would be towards the Benalla end?— Yes.

10118 In what position were you when Mr. Hare passed towards the Glenrowan hotel—in the carriage, or where?— Standing on the platform.

10119 Alongside the carriage door?— No, not near the carriage door.

10120 In what place were you on the platform?— I will show you—[the witness drew a plan]— I was standing just there when Mr. Hare passed.

10121 You were in a position to see everybody that passed if you only knew them?— Yes.

10122 How many men passed when Mr. Hare?— I could not tell you.

10123 You did not follow the police in the rush, did you?— No.

10124 Where did you get to immediately after the police left the platform?—Kept at the same point all the time on the platform. There were some pack-saddles there, and we lay down on our bellies on the pack-saddles, and looked towards the hotel.

10125 By the Commission— Looking in the direction in which the men had gone?— Yes.

10126 By Mr. O'Connor— You state Mr. Hare came back and had his hand tied up and started for the front again?— Yes.

10127 Do you remember that the smoke from the firing was very thick and heavy?— Yes; there was a good deal of it.

10128 Could you see any distance towards the hotel for the smoke?— No; but you could see the figures advancing through the white smoke.

10129 Did you see Mr. Hare go up to the front position of the house again?— No, certainly not; you could not see him.

10130 He may have gone halfway and come back again?— He may for all I knew.

10131 This was after he was wounded I am referring to?— When he came back the second time ?

10132 No. After he was wounded he came back and you tied his hand up. I ask you, how was it possible for him to have gone halfway and return?— It was possible. He disappeared in the same direction as he came from. He was away three or four minutes, long enough to go to the hotel and back the second time.

10133 How long after the second time he appeared was it to the time the engine left—can you state?— I cannot fix the time—half an hour—three-quarters of an hour. They were shunting the engines about twenty minutes. I could not contradict anybody who might say two hours.

10134 By the Commission— Your impression is twenty minutes?— Twenty minutes to half an hour.

10135 By Mr. O'Connor— Is it not a fact you were at McDonald's hotel the greater portion of the morning?— That is thoroughly untrue.

10136 You never left the Glenrowan side?— I did.

10137 Will you state where you went to?— Went to McDonald's hotel. I was there for about a quarter of an hour, getting a glass of beer and a bit of bread and cheese.

10138 What time?— That was about twelve o'clock . That was the first time I left the station and crossed the line. I had been up the ranges in the meantime.

13139 You state you never heard any order from a superior officer to the men; could not orders have been given without your knowledge?— Certainly they could.....

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