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The Royal Commission evidence for 20/7/1881

(full text transcription)

(see also introduction to day 37)

[[../../people/peS_T/sherrittAnnSnr.html|Mrs. Sherritt, senior]] , further examined.

13768 By the Commission— The Commission have been led to understand that you have something else you desire to say?— Yes. It is to mention a few remarks that my son made to me about what I told Mr. Nicolson when Byrne said he would take my son's life. He said, “What did Mr. Nicolson say, mother?” And I said, “he said nothing, Aaron .” Then he said, “I will surely lose my life now.” So then, after Mr. Hare came into the district, I was speaking to him—I think on a Sunday—and on the following Monday I told Aaron , and he seemed to be very well pleased. He said, “We will have them now, mother, because we have Mr. Hare in the district.” That is all I have to say.

13769 One of the men who was in the cave party reported to Detective Ward and to Senior-Constable Mullane that, from some words you spoke to him, he was under the impression that the existence of the cave party was known to Mrs. Byrne?— Never. It never was known.

13770 You have no recollection of ever saying anything that would lead to that statement?— No; because I am positive it was not known.

13771 Had you a daughter living with Mr. Willis at the time of the cave party?— Not at that

13772 Are you sure of that?— She lived with him for eighteen months. She might have been there at the time; I think that she was.

13773 Was it possible that your daughter might have heard from you about the cave party?— Well, it was an impossibility ever to think that the cave party were known, or even the existence of the cave, to any of the Byrne family.

13774 We have had evidence to-day that the fact of the existence of the cave was told to the police by Mr. Willis ?— Well, I do not know how that could be.

13775 Your daughter was at his house; might it not come out quite accidentally, without a purpose—did not your daughter know of the police being there?— I could not tell you. I never heard of it before.

13776 It is most likely, as you were working and baking for them?— I worked for them and assisted them all I could.

13777 Then it is just possible, as you were working for them and bringing provisions, that your daughter at Mr. Willis 's might know it?— I will try and remember. I do not think now that she lived at Willis 's at that time. I think she had come home, and then she was for a short time with Mr. Foster .

13778 Is it not just possible that she might have known of it at the time, and it might have come to Mr. Willis 's ears?— I do not know how he found it out. I know it was not known to the Byrne family till weeks after the party left, but by asking Mr. Willis I suppose you can find out.

13779 We will have to ask him, because be would not tell where he got it from when he told the police. It is most likely we will see him?— He will be able to tell you.

13780 By Mr. Nicolson— In any conversation you have had with Mrs. Byrne since Aaron was shot, has she shown she had a knowledge of the cave party?— No; she never even mentioned the cave to me.

13781 By the Commission— Here is what Barry reports:— “But as to whether the friends of the outlaws were aware of our presence there, I am not in a position to state positively, as I never had an opportunity of going among them to enquire, but Mrs. Sherritt(senior) has made statements to me, which I afterwards reported to Detective Ward, which would lead me to believe that the Byrne family were aware of our presence”?— I have never, I think, spoken a word to that man on the subject.

13782 This is his statement at any rate?——There is no truth in it. I do not think I ever spoke half-a-dozen words to that man in my life. I just know the man by sight, and that is all. That is a man that I declare I never had a conversation with in my life.

The witness withdrew.

Adjourned to to-morrow at Three o'clock .


(Taken at Beechworth.)

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