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The Royal Commission evidence for 2/8/1881

(full text transcription)

(see also introduction to day 41)

Mr James Wallace giving evidence

14441 What was its character?— It was with reference to a saddle that Ned Kelly had stolen from me some time previously, for one thing, offering to replace it, stating they were sorry that I had been victimized, having been a schoolmate of Byrne's.

14442 Anything else?— On another occasion I forwarded a message from Captain Standish to Byrne through the same medium.

14443 On this occasion, when you received the direct intimation from Byrne and the other regretting you had been a victim about the saddle, was there any allusion whatever made to any other subject in which they were interested?— No more whatever at that time. As I was just about to observe, I forwarded a message from Captain Standish to Byrne some time afterwards.

14444 You received a direct intimation from them through a third party?— Yes.

14445 What action did you take?— I took no action whatever.

14446 Did you get the saddle?— I did not.

14447 Did you make any response in any shape or form?— None whatever.

14448 Who was the bearer of this news?— Aaron Sherritt .

14449 He brought this information direct from Byrne?— So he said.

14450 About what time was it; can you fix the date?— No.

14451 Approximately?— I think it was after the Euroa robbery.

14452 Did you know at that time that Sherritt was helping the police?— I knew, as most other people did in the district, that he was helping the police.

14453 You received this information from them; how did you do so?— By a call from him. He frequently called at my place during the time he was employed by the police.

14454 What was the nature of the conversation that took place then?— We had so many conversations.

14455 You say this information given you by Sherritt was after the Euroa robbery?— Yes, between that and the Jerilderie robbery.

14456 How many weeks after?— I cannot say exactly. I should say it would be some time in January

14457 Did Sherritt on that occasion give you any information at all which led you to form an opinion as to where these men were located?— He did.

14458 Can you tell us where that was?— That they did not remain long in one place, but were frequently about Sebastopol ranges, Greta ranges, and up the King River, and sometimes down to Yarrawonga and the Warby ranges.

14459 Did Sherritt describe to you the positions these men were then occupying specially?— I believe he did.

14460 Will you be kind enough to give them to us in the order he gave them to you?— The ranges in the immediate vicinity of Sherritt's, down towards the Yellow Creek, and frequently were in the ranges between Sebastopol and Chiltern.

14461 That was all within one neighborhood, a radius of how many miles?— Fifteen miles.

14462 Did Sherritt give you any other information as to what the outlaws were doing or likely to do at this particular time?— Perhaps not at that particular time; I did not make a note of it, but I know he frequently spoke of them.

14463 At this time?— Yes, he did. He said they did not remain long in one place; “They beat backwards and forward”, sometimes in Sebastopol and sometimes in Greta, but still within this radius of fifteen miles round there.

14464 Did he give you any other information of an interesting character at this time?— Yes, he spoke of the murders at Mansfield , and stated that he (Sherritt) had Kennedy 's watch in his possession.

14465 Did he show it you?— No, he did not; he promised frequently to do so, but did not.

14466 Did you ever see that watch?— No, I did not. I should have secured it if I had....

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