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The Royal Commission evidence for 10/8/1881

(full text transcription)

(see also introduction to day 45)

[[../../people/peU_Z/wardPdet.html|Det Michael Edward Ward]] giving evidence

15622 Did you ever hear afterwards that Dan Kelly had appeared at his mother's place at night o'clock?— Never, till here the other day.

15623 Did you never hear that he had reported to you and Mr. Nicolson that the whole of the gang were outside that place?— No.

15624 Did he tell you that Joe Byrne had called at his mother's place when Aaron and himself were present?— Yes, 27th November. I think it was four days after the occurrence that he told me.

15625 How do you arrive at that conclusion?— Because he mentioned the day they were there.

15626 What grounds have you to swear that it was after?— Nothing but what he told me.

15627 How can you fix the time at four days?— My reports will show it all. Here is a note of the reports, in this printed paper.

15628 What date was it that Byrne was at Sherritt's place?— I do not know.

15629 How do you know it was four days afterwards?— Because they told me so.

15630 Does your report say so?— I expect it does.

15631 You say here on the 23rd that Byrne visited Sherritt's hut?— I had not the information. It was my business to receive these reports and send them away as soon as possible.

15632 This is a portion of your report?— That is abridged from my report. If it had been on the next morning I would have reported it at once. I would not have kept it three days and not act on it.

15633 Where is your report, that on the 23rd Jack was at Sherritt's place, and you only received the information on the 27th?— If Mr. Nicolson was in Beechworth I would not have to report.

15634 Then the probabilities are you had the information before, and you did not report on it till you met Mr. Nicolson?— Not at all.

15635 Well, have you the data to show that you received that matter of the 23rd on the 27th—how do you know that?— I gave it to Mr. Nicolson if he was in Beechworth, if he was away I telegraphed to him.

15636 Is it at all possible that you had that information on the 24th?— No.

15637 Have you any diary?— No, only from time to time when I travelled. The Sherritt family always explained to me they did not give the information before, because they were frightened.

15638 By Mr. Sherritt— Was it four days before you gave that information?— I do not think it was four days, but it was old information I know.

15639 Were they both together when you gave the information?— No, I do not think they were both together.

15640 Did you give it to Detective Ward before you saw Mr. Nicolson?— Yes, I believe I did.

15641 Did you give the information to Detective Ward first, before seeing Mr. Nicolson?— I have seen them so often together, and I kept no notes.

15642 If you spoke to Detective Ward, and Mr. Nicolson was not on Beechworth, did you as a rule go together to Mr. Nicolson afterwards?— I might have walked to where Mr. Nicolson was with Detective Ward, but what I had to say to Mr. Nicolson, Detective Ward did not hear.

15643 Then in this case you suppose you gave the information the same day to Mr. Nicolson as to Detective Ward?— I think Detective Ward makes a mistake that he had information four or fire days old, and I think he and Mullane and four mounted men came down—I forget what was the exact information.

15644 As to this point—can you remember how many days after Byrne being at your mother's place did you give information to Detective Ward?— It was not four days.

15645 Was it two days?— To the best of my recollection, I believe it was two days.

15646 It may have been four?— Yes.....

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