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The Royal Commission evidence for 31/8/1881

(full text transcription)

(see also introduction to day 47)

Sup Frederick A. Winch further examined.

16312 By the Commission— There is a portion of your evidence that you desired should be strictly private. Do you still desire it to be kept from the public?— I do not think it is desirable that the opinion given by one officer in respect to another should be made generally public, but I have no objection what-ever for Mr. Sadleir to hear what I did say. It is a very trifling matter in itself. There is one thing, as I am here, I should like to state, and that is with respect to what Captain Standish said yesterday about my following him up stairs, and crying in his room. It is simply untrue, I say. I give it the most unqualified contradiction. As I said before, he asked me to go to his room, and said, as I have already said, let bygones be bygones, and go on.

16313 You want it to appear in the evidence that you contradict that distinctly?— Yes, I do; for we had not been on speaking terms for some time, and it was not likely I would go to his room. He invited me to go, and I thought it was a fine, manly thing of him to do.

16314 You say distinctly he invited you to go?— Yes.

The witness withdrew.

Adjourned to Half-past Eleven o’clock to~morrow.

[~[[see report of proceedings 31/8/81]|6506]~]

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