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The Royal Commission evidence for 29/3/1881

(full text transcription)

(see also introduction to day 4)

Assistant Commissioner Nicholson giving evidence

1011 With what weapons?- The Martini Henry and Spencer rifles, and double barrelled breech- loading guns, the three weapons they were armed with; but gradually, as the men got proficient, they all took preference to the Martini Henry rifles.

1012 They believed in their precision and lightness?- Yes; this is the analysis of their scoring, showing what progress and efficiency they arrived at.

1013 Were they equally efficient is the use of revolvers?- They all knew how to fire a revolver, but a great many of them did not know how to aim.

1014 After instruction this is the result?- Yes-[handing in the following papers]:-


Scoring Analysis of Rifle Practice of the Benalla Search Party since first regular practice, giving each day's score, number of practices, total score, and average for each day. ..

1015 And they attained fair proficiency?- Yes. In Mr. Hare's letter, in which he speaks of the men firing with great precision, he pays me a great compliment.

1016 That was on the 16th, at Glenrowan?- Yes.

1017 You practised it yourself?- Yes, I was doing this with the utmost care and economy when I received the communication from the Chief Commissioner of Police, that Mr. Hare said "I was wasting, too much ammunition," and the Chief Commissioner said "I must stop it." ..

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