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Importance of Royal Hotel

Mr Charlie Cox was the publican of the Royal Mail Hotel. It was used by the KellyGang as their base while they robbed the bank

It was located in Jerilderie, (it has been rebuilt) in Jerilderie Street (Newell Highway). Photograph


What was Royal Hotel like in the late 1870s

Meeting to extend the railway out past Jerilderie was held at the Royal (Argus28/11/78)

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After the KellyGang had secured Const Devine and Richards at the police station they came into Jerilderie and 'booked' into the Royal.

My name is Charlie Cox and I am the publican of the Royal Hotel. At approximately 11am on Monday 10 February 1879 Const Richards introduced me to a group of men dressed in police uniform. They entered the front bar which at that time was located in the single-storey section of the hotel. It sill exists as does the travellers' accommodation at the rear.

One of them said that he was Ned Kelly and that he wanted some rooms while he robbed the bank. He made it clear that he did not want to hurt anyone. Joe Byrne was with him.

Dan Kelly and Steve Hart had entered the rear yard of the hotel premises on horseback. They then rounded up customers and employees and took them into the parlour. As people came they were arrested by the boys and taken into the hotel.

See also (Argus11/2/79) (Argus12/2/79) (SMH12/2/1879)(Alexandra15/2/1879) (FH) (JJK)

The Bank of NSW robbed by the KellyGang noccupied part of the hotel premises.

Ned Kelly got the hotel's groomsman Herbert Tiffen to burn bank documents, records of mortgages etc.

Mr Powell, was a stock agent in Jerilderie and a groom at the hotel (BWC)

Ned Kelly addressed the community in the hotel before the boys left town. (JJK)

When Ned Kelly was in Melbourne Gaol Charlie Cox had a chat to him (Argus 3/7/1880)(MDTel3/7/1880)

What happened at Royal Hotel after the time of the Kelly Gang

What is happening at the area of Royal Hotel today

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