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near Sunbury, to the north west of Melbourne


Rupertswood was built by the Clarke family in the 1870s

Importance of Rupertswood

Rupertswood was the home of the Clarke family. It was built by Sir William and Lady Janet Clarke near Sunbury in 1874. The house was the country home and social centre of importance in the 18870s and 1880s. It is also known to cricketers as the home of the story of 'the ashes', (the trophy for the test matches played between England and Australia)



What was Rupertswood like in the late 1870s

Rupertswood was one of the great houses of Victoria. It had everything, its own gas plant for lighting and cooking, extensive gardens, a ballroom etc.

It also had its own railway platform so that the family could travel by train from Rupertswood to their Melbourne home near the Jolimont railway station.

Rupertswood also had its own lake; in the shape of the map of Australia - of course

Where to stay

Rupertswood has now been restored as a wedding centre and boutique hotel and can be contacted at

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Sup Hare spent time at Rupertswood recovering from being shot by the KellyGang at the seige at Glenrowan (Age 1/7/1880) (Argus5/7/80).

Sup Hare's wife Janet Snodgrass was an aunt of Janet Lady Clarke, Sir William Clarke's wife

Sup Hare gave Janet Lady Clarke a suit of Kelly armour and the rifle Ned Kelly used at the siege at Glenrowan.

The Clarke family had a stand made and the armour stood near the front door, at the foot of the main stair case and opposite the grandfather clock .

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Other things of interest

What happened at Rupertswood after the time of the Kelly Gang

Rupertswood was owned by Sir Rupert Clarke after his father's death. He sold it to his brother, William Clarke who sold it to H.V. McKay. The next owner was the Salesian Society who established the Rupertswood College.

In recent years the main homestead has been turned into a major resort hotel

When William Clarke left Rupertswood he took the armour and the rifle with him to his home in Melbourne. The rifle was put in the gun rack and the armour was consigned to the cellar. There it was covered with a pile of horse rugs and the cellar was filled with Mallee roots. He considered Kelly to be a criminal and saw no reason to show off the armour as a trophy.

What is happening at Rupertswood today

Rupertswood has now been restored as a wedding centre and boutique hotel