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Side of Authority
This page contains content from police and those who supported authority.

Importance of SConst Flood (2213)

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Links to the KellyGang

Early Years I arrived in North Eastern Victoria in 1867 and by 1870 I knew the Kelly family but not the Harts or Byrne families.(RC12577).

I was stationed at Greta 1871 with Const John Duff. See also (CHC)

AssCom Nicolson saw me as a very efficient officer. (RC1034) I went out with him on seach parties from the start (RC448)

Ian Jones reported that in 1872 I escorted Ned Kelly's sister Annie from Greta to Benalla to give evidence in a case involving the theif of her horse. He says that we stopped on the way home and that I started an affair with her and two days before she died she gave birth to our daughter.

I was invoved in a case against Mrs Kelly over a saddle (Ensign22/11/1872)

A horse was killed in the stable of the family pub by John Lloyd on 22/12/1872. I investigated the matter (Ensign17/1/1873)

I was involved in a case against the Lloyds over a hide (Ensign7/1/1873)

I was involved in a case against Thomas Mason for cattle stealing (Ensign23/12/1873)

Const Mullane and I arrested Jimmy Quinn, the uncle, for an assault on an old man, and also on his own sister. I also got convictions against Bricky Williamson and James Kelly while I was stationed at Greta. (RC12586)

I had a run in with Ned Kelly in O'Brien's hotel in Greta. (RC12609)

My reason for leaving Greta of my own accord was the house was so unhealthy my family could not live in it, and I was anxious to be in a place where plenty of work was to be done, where I could have a chance of being promoted; and I applied to go to Oxley, where the people knew me. (RC12594)

I was moved from Greta to Oxley (Ensign18/11/1873)

Sup Barkly had me removed from the district after an incident at Laceby. I was not happy. (RC12620)

See also the Jerilderie Letter

Graves said that Com Standish was behind this. (RC15550)

Kennedy and I arrested two or three men for stealing a horse from the Kellys themselves, at the Falls River; and I know from conversations that I had with Kennedy that he was a good deal after them. (RC12602)

After this I was sent to Yandoit. I had been five years there and there was scarcely anything to do. (RC12622).

Photograph Fitzpatrick Incident 15/04/1878 I went back to the Kelly Country for 6 weeks

I went out with Ass Com Nicolson on search parties. (RC452)

In early October 1878 I followed up on the the information provided by Bricky Williamson about how the KellyGang got their supplies. I was able to identify the tree with the hollow near Mrs Kelly's home where the food might have been located (RC2nd reportVIII)

Stringy Bark Murders in the Wombat Ranges 26/10/1878 I was stationed at Greta. (RC15488)

I went out with a search party with Ass Com Nicolson and Const Strahan soon after the murders. We left from Benalla to Winton ranges, Eleven-mile, Bald Hill, taking dividing range at back of Lloyd's, Barnett's, Delaney's, and Tanner's, and follow up left-hand side of the Fifteen-mile Creek to near head. Special attention was given to a lane at the head of Tanner's farm, leading to and from McBean's Swamp, known as Cart-road Gully. (RC676) See also (RC12627) (Age30/10/78) (Argus31/10/78)

Sebastopol Cavalcade 7/11/1878 When Sup Sadlier met up with the search parties at The Gap, on 6/11/1878. He decided that because there were so many police he should split the police into 2 parties. Sgt Steele commanded one group and I commanded the other. It consisted of about 7 or 8 men.


Strahan, Mullane and I checked up on the report from Bricky Williamson that food was being left in a hollow tree by Maggie Skillian (RC1981)(RC12629)

Some complaints were made about me and I was moved from Greta. The magistrates of the district appealed to Com Standish not to remove me on the grounds that as long as I was there, the Kellys and their companions were under complete control. I spared myself neither night nor day to keep them under that supervision. I went to Oxley. (RC15490)

I recieved the letter that sent Nicolson and Sadleir to Albury just before the Euroa (Sadleir)

Euroa Robbery 10/12/1878 I was part of the search party and was appointed SConst with a pay increase of sixpence a day (RC1257)

I reported that a letter had passed through the local post office, containing particulars of an arrangement made for a meeting of the KellyGang and a Chinese gold buyer, on a certain night at Spink's Crossing on the Ovens River at Tarrawingi. (Sadleir)

Glenrowan Siege 28/6/1880

I was not present at the Glenrowan seige Royal Commission I gave evidence to the Royal commission on 29/6/1881

See what the press had to say about my evidence (Argus30/6/81)

Early Service

Later Service

I was stationed at stationed at Yackandandah (RC1261)


wife Mary Byrne children Catherine Maude Flood b1876, Henry Feely Flood b1881 home Yackandandah Beechworth


What happened to SConst Flood's family