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Side of Authority
This page contains content from police and those who supported authority.

Importance of SConst Mullane (2353)

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Links to the KellyGang

Early Years I went up to North Eastern Victoria in 1869 and except for 2 years stayed there right through the time of the KellyGang. (RC13510)

Const Flood and I arrested Jimmy Quinn, the uncle, for an assault on an old man, and also on his own sister. (RC12586)

I was involved with the Wooragree murder case in 1872 (Argus5/11/72)

In 1876 Det Ward and I arrested Aaron Sherritt and Joe Byrne over some meat. They got 6 months. (RC13530)

At another time I arrested Aaron for an assault on a Chinaman, but they were discharged at the sittings of the Supreme Court because the evidence was considered insufficient. (RC13531)

Photograph Murders at Stringy Bark Creek in the Wombat Ranges 26/10/1878 Later

The first search party I went out with was by Mr. Nicolson's directions, and he joined us himself afterwards. That was to the Murray Flats, on the 31/10/1878.(RC13524)

While I was based at Beechworth I signed the occurrence book at Wangaratta. (RC17459)

Sebastopol Cavalcade 7/11/1878 Later

I went with Const Flood to check up on the hollow log near Maggie's place (RC12672)

Euroa Robbery 10/12/1878 I took part in the search after the robbery. I was appointed a SConst with a pay raise of sixpence a day. (RC1257) Jerilderie Robbery 10/2/1879 About 4/2/1879 I got a telegram from police headquarters in Benalla with news that the KellyGang were about to head over the River Murray into New South Wales (RC1275)

I went up to the River Murray with a party of police that included Const Faulkiner when the Jerilderie robbery took place. We travelled some distance up the Murray, the other side of the Curryong. After some time we returned to Wodonga, after searching the place up there, when we heard of the Howlong wires being cut (RC5163)

Autum 1879 I went out on search parties. think the principal object was to harass them, and keep them in the back country. There was a possibility of our dropping across them in many places, and we knew we were close to them at different times.(RC13519) Hare replaced by Nicolson 6/7/1879 I was a senior constable at Beechworth.

On 14/7/79 I arrested Aaron Sherritt for stealing a horse from Mrs Byrne. (OMA15/7/79)

I gave evidence at Aaron Sherritt's trial. (OMA29/7/79)

Spring 1879 Early 1880 On 13/11/1879 Dan Kelly went to visit Jack Sherritt. It took me three-quarters of an hour to ride the distance three or four miles through rough country from the Woolshed into Beechworth to report this matter. (RC 2nd report XIII) see (RC15574) See different response at (RC15744)

Cave Party

I was stationed at Beechworth and present when Ass Com Nicolson established the cave party to watch Mrs Byrne's home on 3/12/1879. (RC13541) ( See also Const Alexander and RC13855)

They watched Mrs Byrne's home from a cave in the cliffs on the ridge above. I was incharge of the party with Det Ward Ass Com Nicolson. The party consisted of Consts Alexander (in charge), Canny, Armstrong, and McColl.(RC5244)

When it was over, on 2/4/1880, I collected the reports from the other police who took part (RC1618)(RC13558)

Const Barry wrote a report for me and I commented on. He wanted me to forward the report to Ass Com Nicolson but I asked him to write me a 2nd report. Const Barry set out out this correspondence in his evidence to the Royal Commssion. (RC7774.7527) See (RC13857)

Det Ward accused me of confusing the men to write the wrong type of reports and of being cross and always displaying animus towards the men. (RC14138) (RC14154)

I also had difficulty with Const Faulkiner's report. The Royal Commission report also set out the text of my report. (RC5291) See also (RC5332) (RC5417) (RC5539)(RC5892)(RC14156)

I produced a report on the reports that I had recieved from the constables on 5/5/1881. See text (RC5390)(RC14124)

Nicolson replaced by Hare 2/6/1880 On the evening of 2/6/1880, after Ass Com Nicolson had been replaced by Sup Hare Nicolson sent me a telegram about the agents and Const Armstrong' sparty watching Mrs Byrne's house. (RC2680)

I organised the men to go out to Aaron Sherritt's place. (RC3596) Death of Aaron Sherritt 26/6/1880 Const Armstrong saw me first when he arrived in Beechworth after the murder. (RC12162)

I and 4 mounted Constables went from Beechworth to Aaron Sherritt's home to investigate his murder. We left town at about 3 pm on 27/6/1880.(DTel Augus 28/6/80)

Glenrowan Siege 28/6/1880

Arrival from Beechworth

I was incharge of the police from Beechworth. (RC13862)

I saw Const Dwyer soon after we arrived (RC9412)

Capture of Ned Kelly



My role in returning Ned Kelly to Melbpurne after his committal hearing in Beechworth (OMA14/8/1880)

Kelly Reward Board

Following the meetings of the Reward Board in December 1880 I recieved a reward of about £47

Royal Commission I gave evidence to the Royal Commission on 20/7/1881 (RC13509), 21/7/1881 (RC13938),and 10 /8/1881 (RC15744)

How did the press report my evidence. (Argus22/7/81) (Argus11/8/81)

Det Ward was very concerned about the evidence concerning what happened at Aaron Sherritt's. It would seem that he wanted to control the women's evidence against us to save himself.

I told Det Ward and Const Armstrong "Mrs. Sherritt made a sworn declaration before Mr. Ingram in reference to the conduct of the police at Sebastopol, which has never so far been published, fearing she will be pulled for perjury."

Ward and Armstrong left together.

Armstrong then apparently said, "Ward, are you and Mullane together in this enquiry"?

Ward replied, "Yes; but Mullane is too conscientious."

I understand that Armstrong saw me as a very upright man as far as his dealings with me were concerned. (RC12222)

Early Service Later Service Patrick Mullane retired from the police force in 1905 and moved to Melbourne. There is a valedictory published in the Mansfield Guardian Dec 2nd 1905. He later moved to Hamilton where he died in 1925. He is buried in the Hamilton cemetery.


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