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Side of Authority
This page contains content from police and those who supported authority.

Robert Scott

Meet the people of the KellyGang story

Importance of Robert Scott

Bank manager at Euroa Links to the KellyGang , Early Years , Euroa Robbery , Ned Kelly's Trial , Royal Commission , Early service , Later service , Family ,

The members of Mr Scott's family

Mr Robert Scott, Mrs Susan Scott (mother Anne Calvert), Mrs Scott's mother, the children Harry (13), Annie, George, Mary, Arthur, Edith, Calvert, Childrens nurse Mrs Calvert Maids 1Fanny Shaw 2 .

Links to the KellyGang

Earlier Service Euroa Robbery 11/12/1878 Hear my story (Argus12/12/78) (Argus12/12/78) (Argus12/12/78) (Argus13/12/78) (Argus16/12/78) (Argus27/12/78)

About 4 pm 2 men turned up at the bank and in a short time they had forced there way inside and into my office. Ned Kelly ordered me to go and tell the females in the house what visitors they had. In addition to the bank clerks Messers Booth and Bradley, there were also in the house my wife, our 5 children, Mrs Scott's mother, and 2 female servants. I, in going to inform the women of what had taken place, had to cross the main passage which runs through the house, and I then saw a third man, who proved to be Dan Kelly. He was keeping watch at the back door. He brought in the 2 servants from the out buildings. As soon as they were all assembled in the passage, Ned Kelly demanded the money in the bank. As I kept one key to the strong room, and Mr Bradley the other, I replied that it was not altogether in my charge. Ned Kelly at once turned to Mr Bradley, and putting his revolver to his head, said he would hold him responsible for the money, and he had better get it at once. After some little delay and hesitation, Mr Bradley handed him over the keys' and Kelly then proceeded to search the strong chest. Ned Kelly took all the money and notes out of it, and placed them on the counter. There was about £1,900 in notes and nearly £300 in gold. Ned Kelly went outside, and brought in a small gunnybag, into which he stuffed the notes and gold.

Fanny (Maggie) Shaw, (one of the maids) knew Steve Hart from school days. [[[The Complete Inner History of the KellyGang and their Pursuers (24)|JJK]])

Turning to me, Ned Kelly said, 'I see you have a buggy in the yard. You had better put the horse in, as I will have to take the whole of you a little way into the bush, and it will be more comfortable for the women than the carts we have.' My groom was away, and Ned Kelly then went outside and harnessed the horse and buggy myself, having previously told the females to get themselves and the children ready for a journey. Before leaving the place,however Ned Kelly put the bank books in the strong room and locked the place up and fastened the side door. Our whole party then went into the back yard where the hawker's wagon was standing. Messers Bradley and Booth and 3 of the children were then placed in the wagon and Dan Kelly took charge of them. Mrs Scott and her mother , with the 2 other children and one of the women servants were placed in my trap. My wife was ordered to drive The other cart that had been taken from Mr Casement, was driven by Ned Kelly. I and one of the servants travelled with Ned Kelly. Steve Hart rode on horseback. See also (SMH12/12/78) (Alexandra14/12/1878)(FH) (CHC)

When we got to Faithfull's Creek Station the ladies were allowed to go into the house.

A few hours later we were released by Mr McCauley the manager.

We returned to Euroa, between 9 and 10pm. (RC523)

Later I put in a report against Ben Gould because I am convinced that he spied for the KellyGang

My wife Susy recorded her account of what went on and she added much more personal information. For instance one of our maids, Fanny Shaw who came from Wangaratta, knew Steve Hart from that time. Mrs Calvert, our childrens nurse is also mentioned

Supt Hare came to see me (Argus1/2/79)

Ned Kelly's committal hearing and trial I gave evidence at Ned Kelly's committal hearing in Beechworth on !!MISSING. I told the court about the conversation I had with Ned Kelly about the Stringy Bark Creek murders.(Herald10/8/1880)(Argus11/8/80) (Age11/8/1880)

I then gave similar evidence at Ned Kelly's trial in Melbourne on !!MISSING. (Age 30/10) (Argus30/10/80) (JJK)

Early career Later Service


wife Susan children Harry, Annie, George, Mary, Arthur, Edith, Calvert home ?..

Susannah Scott died on 6th March 1926 in Perth, Western Australia

' What happened to Mr Scott's family' KellyGang 23-feb-10