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Woolshed Valley

North of Beechworth


Sebastopol was one of the settlements in the Woolshed valley that grew up after the discovery of gold in about 1853. Sebastopol was named after the site of the battle in the Crimean War that was fought between the British and the Russians. The Napoleon was an other community in the area and Eldorado was a bit further down Reedy Creek.

Evans Gap

Importance of Sebastopol


Map The Byrne family and Aaron Sherritt lived at Sebastopol. It was on the right bank down stream from the Devil's Elbow. The settlement, on the bank of Reedy Creek, was the site of gold mining area. (Argus15/8/64)

In the 1870s it was being worked over again by Chinese miners.

What was Sebastopol like in the late 1870s

See below the list of businesses at Sebastopol Flat in 1857. Many of them had left the area by the 1870s and Sebastopol Flat and The Napoleon were considered as being a part of the Woolshed

Facilities in Sebastopol in the late 1870s

Population Hotels Mrs Batchelors hotel (OMA29/7/79) Schools Donoghue Other things of interest

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In January 1877 Joe Byrne got 6 months for assaulting a Chinaman who tried to stop him swimming in the Woolshed dam.

On 6/11/1878 Sup Sadleir got news that the KellyGang had been at Sheep Station Creek near Sebastopol and that they were still there. This led to the famed Sebastopol cavalcade when a large number of mounted police turned up for a special KellyGang hunt. (RC11) (JJK)

On 13/11/1879 there was a plan for Jack Sherritt meet the KellyGang at Evans Gap and to go off and rob the bank at Yackandanda. (RC15284)

Aaron Sherritt lived at Sebastopol at the time of his death (Argus8/7/80)

The KellyGang were supplied with provisions by the Chinese storekeeper at Sebastopol. (RC5489) E Fang was the storekeeper (RC14973)(RC15298)

The Royal Commission found that in the autumn of 1880 the KellyGang were usually in the vicinity of the Greta Swamp, from which they would move back to the ranges, get across the Ovens River towards Sebastopol, and from thence to the Pilot Range, near Wodonga. (RC2nd reportXII )

Members of the Sebastopol community

families who lived in the area



Chappell (Duggan)

E Fang

Mrs Byrne Donoghue

Duckett Tom


Aaron Sherritt


Businesses at Sebastopol Flat in 1857 included:

Barber, Noael Lenies Hotel ? Joseph Gallon Restaurant, Wm Palmer
Baker, John Auld Hotel ? John Heillbronn Restaurant, Wm Poppelwell
Baker, Alex Cousen Hotel ? Henry Johnson Restaurant, Edmund Porter
Baker, Brown & McDonald Hotel ? George Jolley Restaurant, Sarah Shaw
Baker, Matthew Reardon Hotel ? Thomas Mooney Restaurant, Wm Styles
Baker, Scott & Morris Jeweller, Charles Giles Restaurant, Josephus Johannis de la Suie
Baker, James Wheeler Police SConst David Hanahan Restaurant, ? Thomson
Blacksmith, Wm Davidson Const E Shoebridge Restaurant, Patrick Tohey
Blacksmith, Thomas Evans Const John Murphy School C of E, Thomas M Barry
Blacksmith, Giles Thrower   Stationer, Blacklock Bros
Brewer, Charles Morrison Refreshments, James Bullerd Storekeeper, Israel Abraham
Brewer, Stephen Vince Refreshments, Wm Carney Storekeeper, M Amschel & Co
Butcher, Charles Cozens Refreshments, Charles Daniels Storekeeper, Bulfin & Jackson
Butcher, Joseph E Dixon Refreshments, Catherine Douglas Storekeeper, Bussel & Bligh
Butcher, George Hince Refreshments, Ann Edwards Storekeeper, Cole Bros
Butcher, Anthony McDermott Refreshments, George Friend Storekeeper, Crowther & Co
Butcher, Edward Mills Refreshments, John Melrose Storekeeper, John Duncan
Butcher, John Mooney Refreshments, George Morris Storekeeper, Henry Fitzmaurice
Butcher, Charles Potter Refreshments, Wm Morrison Storekeeper, Frank & Co
Carpenter, Job Howe Refreshments, Morey Tucker Storekeeper, Nicholas Ivers
Carpenter, Robt Davidson & Co Restaurant, James Buttery Storekeeper, Levy & Sander
Dairyman, Wm David Restaurant, Wm Cameron Storekeeper, John McConchie & Co
Dairyman, Thomas Roseborough Restaurant, Wm Carney Storekeeper, Thomas Miller
Dispensary, Arthur Smith Restaurant, James Ferguson Storekeeper, H & W Moffatt
Dressmaker, Isabella Blight Restaurant, Chas Fieldhouse Storekeeper, Henry Pemberton
Ginger Beer Factory, ? Earl Restaurant, Michael Fontaineau Storekeeper, George Robertson
Greengrocer, John De Graves Restaurant, James Handforth Storekeeper, Robert Steihl & Co
Greengrocer, John Haig Restaurant, Wm Humley Storekeeper, James Wheeler
Greengrocer, Chas Smith Wilmot Restaurant, Samuel Lane Storekeeper, Stephen Wise
Hotel ? Ward Brown Restaurant, Wm Lane Tobacconist, John Audley
Hotel ? Alex Brownlie Restaurant, Alex McDonald Watchmaker, Wm Turner
Hotel ? Joseph Couper Restaurant, John McKercher  


What happened at Sebastopol after the time of the KellyGang

Royal Commission

The Royal Commission into the KellyGang outbreak conducted hearings in Sebastopol in 1881.

What is happening at Sebastopol today