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Importance of shearing

Sheep farming was a major industry in the Kelly country.

Sheep show at Jerilderie (T&C20/8/1870)

Australia's wool industry was well developed and the expression about the country 'riding on the sheep's back' was in use. More correctly it rode on the back of thousands of shearers and other bush workers.

The size of the wool clip (Argus19/1/81)

Shearing in progress (Alexandra30/10/1868)


The KellyGang's involvement with shearering

Sgt Steele suggested that many young men when shearing. He said, 'I think when they have attained a certain age they go to shearing, and then return to their friends and idle about for a few months in the year; but they all work more or less.' (RC8853) see also (RC2983)