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South of Cobram,

west of Wangaratta


The town developed adjacent to the Goulburn River. The town was on the route from the gold fields near Bendigo to the Beechworth area. At first a punt was used to cross the river.

Sherbourne Sheppard of Tallygaroopna Station gave his name to the town. From about 1855 it was called eith "Sheppard Town or McGuire's Punt". The spelling of Sheparton was standardised when the town was surveyed in the 1860s.

Importance of Shepparton



What was Shepparton like in the late 1870s

In 1879 Shepparton got its first telegraph message and the town hoped to get the railway soon (Argus16/10/79)

A description of Shepparton (Illustrated16/2/1880)

Facilities in Shepparton in the late 1870s

Population Hotels Prince of Wales James Hay Churches Schools [[../../things/C_community/C_bankt.html|Bank]] Commercial Bank Main Streets Shepparton Shire Council formed 1879 Local Government Police Station Railway Station Telegraph Office

Post Office

There was a postal route between Benalla and Shepparton via Devenish, Dookie South, Sumpston's store, and Pine Lodge

Other things of interest Dispute between Shepparton and Echuca councils over the Shire Hall. (Argus16/10/79)

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Det Kennedy was at Shepparton at the time of the murders (Argus29/10/79)

Promise to send army to Shepparton to protect the banks (Argus7/3/79)

Military from the Garrison Artillery was sent to Shepparton to protect banks in town in December 1878 after the Euroa robbery (RC2ndreportX) (RC App8)

They were withdrawn in July 1879 (RC915)

Const Dowling was stationed at Shepparton for a time before he went up to Aaron Sherritt's place (RC3292)

MConst M Commons was stationed at Shepparton (RC873)

The life of selectors in the area; economic data and practical stories (Argus27/4/80)

Members of the Shepparton community

What happened at Shepparton after the time of the KellyGang

What is happening at Shepparton today