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Side of Authority
This page contains content from police and those who supported authority.

Sup Singleton

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Importance of Sup Singleton

The NSW police officer in charge at Albury Links to the KellyGang below, Early Years , Fitzpatrick Incident , Mansfield Murders , Sebastopol Cavalcade , Euroa Robbery , Jerilderie Robbery , Autum 1879 , Hare replaced by Nicolson , Spring 1879 Early 1880 , Death of Aaron Sherritt , Glenrowan Siege , Royal Commission , Early service , Later service , Family ,

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Early Years On 14/9/1877 AssCom Nicolson wrote to me about the problem of stock stealing from Victoria and New South Wales. As head of the NSW police Albury I was very concerned about the problem. Nicolson said

"My dear Sir,-In reply to your confidential note of the 12th instant, I beg to state that I believe that a regular system of horse-stealing is carried on by Victorian thieves, and that the animals are brought across the Murray and impounded in New South Wales, where they are sold for a mere trifle, and vice versa by New South Wales thieves to Victoria; very many horses stolen from Victoria have, I believe, been impounded at Quat Quatta, near Howlong. I would suggest that on a report of horse-stealing being: made within a reasonable distance of the border, that you give instructions to the police in Albury, Howlong, and Corowa be informed as soon as possible."(RC1041)

Photograph Royal Commission I was not called to give evidence to the Royal Commission Early Service Later Service


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