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Side of Authority
This page contains content from police and those who supported authority.

Importance of Mr Smyth

I was a lawyer who prosecuted Ned Kelly in Beechworth

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Early Years I was born in 1828. Photograph Fitzpatrick Incident 15/04/1878 Prior Ned Kelly's committal hearing my main link to this story was that I recommended Fitzpatrick to join the police force.

I was a prosecutor in Beechworth for a time and occasionally sat as a Judge.

After a time in private practice I went back to work for the government as a prosecutor

I prosecuted Walter Lynch (Argus18/3/79)

Monk Inquiry

I was represented the Crown during the Inquiry.See Monk at Wombat Ranges.

Ned Kellys Trial /10/1880

I appeared for the prosecution at Ned Kelly's remand (Argus6/7/80) (OMA6/7/80)

Ned Kelly's committal hearing started in the Beechworth court on 6/8/1880. I appeared for the Crown as the lead prosecutor. I was required to present the witnesses to establish the charge. I had with me Mr Gurner. I was seen as an efficient operator (Argus6/8/80)(Herald6/8/80) (Argus7/8/80) (Herald8/8/1880) (Argus9/8/80) (Argus10/8/80) (Argus11/8/80) (Argus12/8/80) (Kilmore12/8/1880)

Kelly was charged with "willful murder of Thomas Lonigan at Stringybark Creek in the Northern Bailiwick of the Colony of Victoria on the 26th day of October 1878." We had establish the charge so that the magistrate Mr Foster, could say that there was sufficient evidence for a jury to find Ned Kelly guilty of the charge. We needed to get details of the events at Stringy Bark Creek from Const McIntyre. The next witness was Stephens, the groom from Faithfulls Creek station. He was called to coroberate McIntyre's evidence by saying what Ned Kelly told him about murdering Const Lonigan. See (Argus11/8/80)

What was supposed to be the first day of the trial out to be another adjournment (Argus19/19/80)

I conducted the trial against Ned Kelly for the prosecution (Age29/10/80) (Argus29/10/80) (Argus30/10/80)

Royal Commission I was not called to evidence to the Royal Commission Early Career Later Career


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