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The North Eastern Ensign at KellyGang 26/4/1872

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Any one visiting [[EI Dorado|Eldorado]] cannot fail to be struck with the conviction that those who are carrying on business have full faith in the permanent prosperity of the place. Mr Wright, the well known storekeeper, has made great improvement in his premises, having put in some handsome plate glass windows. So has Mr. Manson, who carries on an extensive drapery business. We also perceive that Mr Bussey, of the United Ovens Hotel, is erecting a large assembly room in connection with his establishment. Messrs Young and Horrocks, the butchers, have done their quota towards a permanency to the buildings of Eldorado by the two fine butchers shops they have put up. There. is also a good brick hotel in Eldorado which. goes by the somewhat aristocratic name of the Criterion.