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  • [[Ned Kelly|Ned Kelly]] led the [[KellyGang|KellyGang]] of bushrangers into the pages of Australi ...ang were [[Ned Kelly|Ned Kelly]], [[Joe Byrne|Joe Byrne]], [[Dan Kelly|Dan Kelly]] and [[Steve Hart|Steve Hart]]. Please also visit the [[ev78-10--4Mansfiel
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  • | Barry , Kelly | Kelly , Steele
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  • '''Government and other Documents''' see [[Government and other documents|index]] and
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  • ...son , Spring 1879 Early 1880 , Death of Aaron Sherritt , Glenrowan Siege , Ned Kellys Trial , Royal Commission , '''Early service''' , Later service , Fam '''Ned Kelly's trial''' '''Royal Commission'''
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  • | Kelly's at Baumgarten's | SConst Kelly , promotion recommendation
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  • Referring to explanation regarding to the capture of the Kelly Outlaws.  I would beg to state that I was awakened on the morning of the 2 ...train I had stopped I was met by Superintendent Hare and Senior Constable Kelly to whom I related the whole of the conversation I had with Mr Curnow. Supt
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  • ...ed that M’Intyre should wear them; but, significantly tapping his rifle, Ned remarked, ‘I have something better than handcuffs here.’ He added, for ...d the father of a family, whom, surely, he could not murder in cold blood. Kelly said he wanted to murder nobody, and would shoot no man who held up his arm
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  • ...on the whole, to have led a fairly peaceful and harmless life. [[Mrs Ellen Kelly|His wife]], and the mother of the bushrangers, belonged to a large family o, or taking charge of Power’s horses at a distance. At this time Kelly was a boy of about sixteen, of whose courage or daring Power thought very l
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  • ...tinually in collision with the police, Lloyd senior, some years before the Kelly outbreak, being imprisoned for four years for maliciously killing a neighbo ...ways in gaol. At any rate, if he, and more men such as he, had been in the Kelly district when the murders did take place, the career of the outlaws would p
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  • ...t circumstance was of no consequence, and he hoped, perchance, to find Dan Kelly at home. The sergeant approved of Fitzpatrick’s expedition, but told him ...and studying the horse attentively, he recognized it. ‘Why, that is Dan Kelly’s mare,’ he said.
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  •, went in to join the party, where he was welcomed with abuse by Mrs Kelly, who said he was ‘a deceitful little -----,’ and that he should not tak ...patrick had scarcely been three minutes in the house, when [[Ned Kelly|Ned Kelly]] entered suddenly, and exclaiming, ‘Out of this you -----,’ fired a sh
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  • ...[William Skillion|Skillion]], and Williamson went to gaol, and Ned and Dan Kelly, for whose arrest the Government offered a reward of £200, disappeared fro [[Category:Documents]] [[Category:Books]] [[Category:People]] [[Category:CH Chomley]] [[Category
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  • ...civilians that some members of the police, who received extra pay while on Kelly hunting duty, were not too anxious to capture their game and go back to the ...ding of Superintendent [[Nicolson|Nicolson]] to Benalla to take command of Kelly operations, leaving Superintendent Sadlier in ordinary charge of his distri
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  • ...ept up a brisk fire on the outlaws before he fell wounded by them, but Ned Kelly admitted that he gave Kennedy his coup de grace while lying on the ground. [[Category:Documents]] [[Category:Books]] [[Category:People]] [[Category:CH Chomley]] [[Category
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  • ...ehood of this statement, but at any rate it is clear that from some source Kelly had most accurate information of the disposition of the police party, for h [[Category:Documents]] [[Category:Books]] [[Category:People]] [[Category:CH Chomley]] [[Category
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  • ...miles from Melbourne, and considerably south of the district known as the Kelly country, in which the bushrangers were most at home. There is some conflict ...t the Kellys were doing was [[Patrick Quinn|Patrick Quin]], husband of Ned Kelly’s aunt, and himself a relative to the outlaws; and he claims to have give
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  • ...rhaps you are Ned Kelly,’ was the quiet answer given at random, to which Kelly, decidedly annoyed, replied that Stephens ‘seemed to be a ----- good gues or from a desire to shield his mates, should they ever be captured, Ned Kelly asserted that no one but he had taken any part in the killing of the police
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  • [[Stephens|Stephens]] was afterwards escorted by Kelly from the stable and confined with others in the store room, a wooden slab b the matter as a stupid jest was quickly dispelled by the appearance of Kelly with a revolver from behind the building, and seeing no help for it, he suf
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  • ...s of resisting, he confessed that there was in his waggon a revolver which Kelly secured. He was then led with [[Frederick Becroft|Beecroft]] to the kitchen ...d cut off one of the sergeant’s ears he protested was a lie. The police, Kelly declared, had persecuted him and all his family, who were innocent in the m
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  • ...ed by Dan Kelly and locked up with the others in the store room, where Ned Kelly became conversational with them also, and among other favours, showed them A little after three Ned Kelly, Dan Kelly and Steve Hart dressed themselves for an expedition to Euroa and made all n
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