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Importance of Mrs Stanistreet

I was the wife of station master at Glenrowan

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Before the Glenrowan siege My maiden name was Emily Mary Mansergh. I was born in Ireland and I married John in Tipperary in 1861 and we moved to Australia in 1862.

We first lived in Melbourne and then moved around from places such as Dandenong, Broadford, Wangaratta and Glenrowan.

Photograph Siege at Glenrowan Mrs Stanistreet's account of the events

Ned Kelly arrived

I first saw Ned Kelly when he came to see my husband at !!MISSING on 27/6/80

Later that day Ned Kelly marched a number of people into my house and left us there under the charge of Steve Hart. At the one stage there were about 17 people in the place. They were the Reardon family, the Ryan family, Tom Cameron son of the gatekeeper. My house was used by the KellyGang to house the women and children . The men were accomodated in Mrs Jone's Inn. (Argus29/6/80)(Herald29/6/1880)

Mr Curnow and his family were brought to my home (Argus21/7/80)

Sup Hare and the police arrived

As soon as the train arrived at the platform in Glenrowan, Sup Hare and Mr Rawlins came to see me to find out what was going on and where the KellyGang were. They had left my home just a few minutes before. See also (RC9674)

I was sitting on the bed when Hare arrived. There was a light in there. I had the children with me. Rawlins tapped at the window, and Mr. Hare at the door. I did not reply. Rawlins tapped again at the window. I said - "Who is there? -" and Mr Hare said - "We; the police." I was sobbing, and Mr. Hare said - "What is the matter?" and I said - "Oh, the Kellys, they have taken my husband away into the bush," Hare and Rawlins said - "How long ago since they were here?" and I said- "Five minutes ago; they were to go". I pointed over to Jones's Inn, and said - "there at the back." Rawlins asked me - "How many are there of them?" and she said - "Forty." (RC11561)

After Hare was wounded

After Hare left the Inn SConst Kelly asked Rawlins to get the ammunition. He took it down to near my house and distributed it from there. SConst Kelly found it was the wrong ammunition. It was ammunition for the breech-loading guns.(RC8117)

I was there at the time, at home. I said to SConst Kelly, "You should not come here."

He replied, "For God's sake, go out of here-you will get shot here-take the children with you."

I said "Where will I go?"

He said, "Cannot you go over to MacDonald's?"

I said, "No, I will not go there."

"Well," he said, "go out in the bush, towards Greta. There will be no danger there."

I went off with my children (RC8122)

Later Later

I gave evidence against Mrs Jones on a charge of harbouring the KellyGang. (Argus26/11/80) .


'Husband..John . children Richard (b1866), Frances (died as infant), Ellen (1869), Henry (1872), Francis (b1874), Emily (b1876), John (b1878), Nicholas (b1881), Albert (1885) ' .

What happened to the Stanistreet family My son Richard joined the railways and his son went on to become a Commissioner for railways