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Side of Authority
This page contains content from police and those who supported authority.

Importance of Const Strahan

The police constable at Greta who went on leave at time of the Fitzpatrick incident

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Links to the KellyGang

Early Years Photograph I was stationed at El Dorardo in 1872 and involved in the investigation of the Wooragee murder (Argus5/11/72)

I am mentioned by the KellyGang in the Cameron letter as being a member of a search party with Sgt Steele and Const Fitzpatrick to the Kelly home for Ned Kelly and a man called Newman who had escaped from the police at Wangaratta.

I replaced Const Thom as the policeman at Greta. (RC8834)

Fitzpatrick Incident 15/04/1878 I was the policeman at the Greta police station. Sgt Whelan had approved a few days leave. My wife and family were still at home. (RC5944)

I was mentioned by the KellyGang in the Cameron letter as being up on the River Murray trying to get evidence against Dan Kelly and Jack Lloyd.

Sgt Steele and I arrested Bill Skillion on the morning of the 16th near the Kelly home and later we arrested Brickey Williamson and Mrs Kelly. They were taken to Benalla on the 17th. From there they were taken to Beechworth Goal then back to Benalla for their committal on 17 May. On 9 October 1878, with Sir Redmond Barry as the judge. Skillion, Williamson and Mrs Kelly were found guilty and on 12/10/1878, Mrs Kelly was sentenced to 3 years and Skillion and Williamson 6 years hard labour

- 25/4/1878 'When about two miles from Winton, on the Greta road, and about four miles from 's residence, we found a dray, and two bags of flour and other articles, without a horse, in the middle of the road. We searched round and found Mrs. Skillian and Kate Kelly sitting on a log. They were wet through, having very light clothes on. We went up and spoke to them. They said they were benighted, and could not find their way home-it was too dark. I had a flask with some whisky in it. I gave some to Kate Kelly. She drank it.'- Det Ward with Const Strahan (RC3039)

I went out with Ass Com Nicolson on search parties. (RC442)

Just before the Mansfield murders Sup Sadleir organised for me to take out a search party from Wangaratta. Sgt Kennedy took a similar party out from Mansfield. See (Sgt Kennedy for the orders)(RC3)

My party included Consts Shoebridge, Thom and Ryan. (RC1742) See also (RC5953)

On 26/10/1878 we met up with Det Ward near Powers Lookout. We are very hungry, we have had nothing to eat for the day. Det Ward suggested that get some supplies from Glenmore station. I told him Sergeant Kennedy started from Mansfield on the same day that we did; he had three constables with him; and he was to meet us down at the head of the King. I also told him that we were going the Hedi station on the next day; from there we make to Eldorado. Det Ward also thinks that I made some mention about Byrnes. (RC3134)

Stringy Bark Creek Murders in the Wombat Ranges 26/10/1878 Patrick Quinn said that he had a discussion with me a few days before the murders (Argus10/11/80)

I went up from Melbourne to Benalla on the special train with Consts Kelly, Faulkiner and others on 28/10/1878. (RC7979)

I went out on a search party with Ass Com Nicolson and SConst Flood . We went from Benalla to Winton ranges, Eleven-mile, Bald Hill, taking dividing range at back of Lloyd's, Barnett's, Delaney's, and Tanner's, and follow up left-hand side of the Fifteen-mile Creek to near head. Special attention was given to a lane at the head of Tanner's farm, leading to and from McBean's Swamp, known as Cart-road Gully. (RC676)

We returned to Benalla about 4/11/1878 (Argus6/11/78) (Argus6/11/78) (Alexandra9/11/1878)(RC7986)

Sebastopol Cavalcade 7/11/1878 I introduced Aaron Sherritt to Sup Sadleir and later spoke to Sgt Steele when the officers were talking to him (RC1798) (RC8874) (CHC)


On the 10/11/1878 I accompanied Ass Com Nicolson and Det Ward meet another informant in Greta. (RC13840) (RC1951)

SConst Flood, Mullane and I checked up on the report from Bricky Williamson that food was being left in a hollow tree by Maggie Skillian. (RC1981) (RC12673)

I was present at one of Wild Wrights incidents at Mansfield on 24/11/78. (Argus6/12/78)

Euroa Robbery 10/12/1878 I met Patrick Quinn a short time before the Euroa robbery. (RC17713)

I was stationed at Greta at about this time watching the Kelly and Lloyd homes. On the morning after the Euroa robbery Sup Sadleir word to keep a special watch out. (RC16697)

I gave evidence in the case against the sympathisers in Beechworth. Was this really me? (Argus20/1/79)

I was based at Greta at this time (Argus27/1/79)

Jerilderie Robbery 10/2/1879 On about 4/2/1879 I was sent out on a search party on the Murray when we got news that KellyGang were likely to cross River Murray into New South Wales? (RC 1275)

Mr Hare and Det Ward received information that Dan Kelly had visited Mrs Byrne's home after the Jerilderie robbery. I was based near El Dorado with a group of men. Sup Hare said that he sent us out on a search party to watch near Mrs Byrnes home during the night of 16/2/1879. Sup Hare gave a rather colorful account of all of this in his book. It would seem that we were to follow up a lead that was at least 4 days old (RC 1276)

Autum 1879 In about June 1879 police received information that the [[../../things/K_kellys/K_KellyGang.html|KellyGang]] were at Bullocky Gully, or at the head of Ryan's Creek. About five or six miles from Stringy Bark Creek where the the police were murdered. Constables Mooney, Hayes, Whitty, Detective Ward and I proceeded to there, and made search for three days. We did not find anything.(RC3042)

I was involved in the Monk inquiry (Argus17/5/79)

Royal Commission I was not called to give evidence before the Royal Commission Early Service Later Service


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