Strathbogie Ranges

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Between Seymour, Benalla and Mansfield

The Country around the Strathbogie Ranges

Mount Strathbogie 1007metres Mount Wombat 799m Mount Bernard 488m

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On 12/12/1878, after the Euroa robbery a police search party was sent into the Strathbogie ranges. (Argus14/12/78)(RC553)

The police believed the KellyGang were in the Strathbogie Ranges (Argus16/12/78) (Alexandra28/12/1878)

In December- January 1879 Sup Sadleir sent an agent into the upper end of the Strathbogie country, he travelled in amongst the most likely places.(RC2028)

In mid 1879 when Ass Com Nicolson took over control of the hunt for the KellyGang. He thought that the KellyGang were in the Greta area but sent out word that he was looking for them in the Stathbogies (RC16894) See also (Argus27/9/79)

He did not think that the Strathbogies where part of the Kelly Country. (RC473)See also (Argus6/8/80)

Graves agreed, but the KellyGang may have passed through the area. (RC15543)



What were the Strathbogie Ranges like in the late 1870's

The first track from Violet Town to Dry Creek was cut into the Strathbogies to open up the area for selection in 1873 (Ensign4/2/1873)

A visitors impression of the area (Illustrated30/8/1879)

There were a number of timber splitters in the area and back country for the KellyGang to escape into (RC15543)

Properties and Towns in the area

Strathbogie, Euroa , Yea , Seymour , Strathbogie SR,

Other things of interest

How has the Strathbogie Ranges area changed

Large areas of the Srtathbogies have been cleared

What happened in the area of the Strathbogie Ranges after the time of the KellyGang

What is happening at the area of the Strathbogie Ranges today