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Importance of Mr Denis Sullivan

I was a living in a tent behind the Glenrowan railway station

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Before the Glenrowan siege Siege at Glenrowan I worked with Reardon and Ned Kelly and Steve Hart to take up the railway line on the Wangaratta side of the line. (RC7607) (JJK)

Just before the train arrived Ned Kelly asked me if I had ever been in New Zealand. We had a chat (Argus30/6/80)(RC7628)

I was mentioned in Mr Stainstreet, the station master's statement of what happened at the siege,(Argus29/6/80) (Argus8/7/80)


I gave evidence against Mrs Jones on a charge of harbouring the KellyGang. (Argus26/11/80)

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What happened to the Sullivan family