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Sir,—Mr Julian Ashton says that he is happy when working among his cabbage plots out at Bondi. I do not wish to disturb his happiness. But what he states about Ned Kelly, who should be allowed to rest in silence, is absolutely incorrect, Mr Ashton says he saw Ned Kelly after he was brought in by the police, shot down in his armour. "I well remember Ned Kelly's shock of red hair," he says, "and his warm auburn beard." What he means, by the word "warm" I cannot under-stand, but by this description I think Mr Ashton was suffering from imaginitis, and that he never saw Ned Kelly at all. I knew Ned Kelly well, and I must contradict Mr Ashton. He is entirely wrong in his description of the unfortunate man.

I say that Ned Kelly had not red hair and a warm auburn beard, and I think someone must have "readied up" an impostor, with red hair and a warm auburn beard, for a practical Joke on Mr Ashton. I have a photograph of Ned Kelly taken at Wangaratta, with hair and beard as black as a crow. Again, Mr Ashton states that he was at Benalla for the purpose of taking the photograph of Joe Byrne, one of the Kelly gang, and that Byrne's photograph was taken in the Benalla lock-up on June 1, 1880 , just after Joe Byrne was shot at Glenrowan. Joe Byrne was then alive, and was not shot until nearly a month after the date Mr Ashton gave. Some of Ned Kelly's family are still living.

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