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Sydney Morning Herald

11/ 2/1879

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The following message, received by the Superintendent of Telegraph from the station master at Jerilderie, was forwarded to us last night:-


"The KellyGang stuck up the office here to-day at 9 o'clock, cut the office connections and cut down seven poles. My assistant and I were covered by revolvers and were marched to the lock up, which the gang had stuck up. We were there locked up together with two constables. We were released at 7 pm and told not to touch the wire till morning, but I have done so and fixed a wire along the fence. They stuck up the Bank of New South Wales. Have just heard (9pm) that they are in the township again"

Our own correspondent at Deniliquin has sent us the following messages:-


"Information has been received here that the Kellys made their appearance at Jerilderie to day. they confined the police in the lock up and stuck up the Bank of New South Wales. It is reported they took about £2000. They tore down the telegraph line, and threatened the operator if he should attempt to restore communication. The line has been temporarily repaired and the above intelligence has just been received here.

Tuesday 12.17am

"A massage has arrived here from Jerilderie and a telegram has been received from senior constable Devine confirming the intelligence of the Kelly gang being at Jerilderie. They surrounded the police camp there on Saturday night at 12 o'clock and kept constable Devine confined in the cell until 7 this evening. The other constable was allowed to .. .. under surveillance to divert suspicion. At 2 o'clock to-day they stuck up the bank and the Telegraph operator ... the latter in the lock up and threatened to shoot him if he wired before tomorrow. Beside the money taken from the bank as previously reported it is said the gang has destroyed the books and deeds. It is reported that they were last seen in Jerilderie at 9pm to night and are supposed to have gone in the direction of Tocumwal police station. There is no communication between Jerilderie and Tocumwal. They took arms ammunition saddle and horses from the Jerilderie police station. The superintendent at Deniliquin was absent at Hay and the police sergeant at Tocumwal when the news reached here. Two mounted constables left here tonight for Tocumwal with information for the police there."

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