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Sydney Morning Herald

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Importance of the Sydney Morning Herald

The Sydney Morning Herald was a major daily newspaper in Sydney. It reported most of the events of the KellyGang' Index to documents News papers The KellyGang's letters Government & other documents Links to the KellyGang, Early Years , Fitzpatrick Incident , Murders at Stringy Bark Creek , Sebastopol Cavalcade , Euroa Robbery , Jerilderie Robbery , Autum 1879 , Hare replaced by Nicolson , Spring 1879 Early 1880 , Death of Aaron Sherritt , Glenrowan Siege , Ned Kellys Trial , Royal Commission , Early service , Later service , Family , Photograph Royal Commission Report '

Books written at the time

Please see the Newspaper index for the articles from The Sydney Morning Herald that have been listed

Hare Sadleir Chomley Cookson

Links to the KellyGang

Kenneally Early Years Modern authors See other events of the day Fitzpatrick Incident 15/04/1878 The story of the Fitzpatrick incident was not really a big story in Sydney, although the details would be told later, particularly in the aftermath of the Glenrowan Siege Murders at Stringy Bark Creek in the Wombat Rangers 26/10/1878 Sebastopol Cavalcade 7/11/1878 Euroa Robbery 10/12/1878 The Sydney Morning Herald set out the story of the KellyGang at Faithful's Creek and the robbery in Euroa. See the following editions, 12/12/1878, Jerilderie Robbery 10/2/1879 Jerilderie is in south central New South Wales and the Sydney Morning Herald saw the KellyGang's first public visit into New South Wales as big story. It gave the story a prominence and set lots of details of the story. See the following editions,11/2/1879, 12/2/1879, 13/2/1879 Autum 1879 Hare replaced by Nicolson 6/7/1879 Spring 1879 Early 1880 Nicolson replaced by Hare 2/6/1880 Glenrowan Siege 28/6/1880

The Glenrowan Seige was a big story in Sydney. It has been estimated that 95,000 words were transmitted between Melbourne and Sydney by telegraph in the day of the siege. all of that was sent at great expense. Trial and Death of Ned Kelly TheSMH reported Ned Kellys trial and execution in some detail Royal Commission

Early history of the Sydney Morning Herald

The Sydney Morning Herald is one of Australias oldest and most respected newspapers

Later history of the Sydney Morning Herald

The Sydney Morning Herakl continues to be of of the major newspapers in Australia !!MISSING !!MISSING [1] privacy policy


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