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One of the original properties in the Kelly Country

Nearest towns




History at Tarawingi before the KellyGang

First Taken up in 1837 Dr William Bowman but he gave up for a time because of troubles with the aborigines. Bowman reformed the run in 1838. The run was sold to Sir Francis Murphy ([1] the Victorian Parliament) in 1844. (50,000 acres) George Gray held it in 1847 and the Reid Bros in 1851 but Murphy seemed to continue his interest until 1862 when Dr George MacKay took over the lease. MacKay gave Sup Hare a gold watch as a reward for protecting his wife from the bushranger Meakin (Sadleir)(FH) In 1868 the Melbourne Banking Corporation passed the lease on to Arthur Dight. It was then owned by Francis Mackay who transferred the run to Charles Ibbotson in 1879.

In the 1850s Sup Hare visited Tarrawingee on his way to Wangaratta after doing some gold prospecting (FH)


Map Where did the name Tarawingi come from

Also called Tarrawingee or Karrawingi; an emu

The original aboriginal owners

The first selectors

Carinya store and homestead were built in 1860 for Thomas Ladson on part of the original Tarrwingi. Carinya was then bought by Nolan in 1880. The homestead features a ballroom, extensive cellars and original furnishings.

In the town of Tarawingee is St Peter's Anglican Church (1866) and the Star Hotel (1860s)

The area was selected by 1875 (Argus17/4/75)

Original neighbouring properties

Oxley Plains

What was Tarawingi like in the late 1870's

Representatives from Tarawingi attended a major meeting to plan for the coming of the railways (Argus15/7/67)

Tarrawingee was a station on the railway line to Beechworth

Mr Wright was the stationmaster

Mr J R Yates was the timekeeper on the line

Mr A Richards a publican of Tarrawingee

Const Boulton was the local policeman in 1875


Royal Mail Coaches went to Beechworth

Mail delivery from railway station to post office once a day 1876

Tarawingee sludge channel (Argus1/5/80)

The railway embankment caused a lot of flood damage and the channel was put in after the floods in 1875.

Links to the KellyGang

The Plough Inn, a two-storey hotel built in 1864 for Hopton Nolan from bricks manufactured on-site. It wold seem that Ned Kelly drank there. He worked at Tarrawingi for a period.

In mid February 1879 the telegraph wires at Tarawingi were cut and the KellyGang were seen in the area (RC 1629)(RC2034)

Train stopped at Tarawingee (FH)

It smashed the railway gates.(Argus5/11/1878)

Where the KellyGang near Tarrawingee? (Argus20/12/78)

Const Flood, stationed at Hedi on the King River, a locality near where some very special friends of the Kellys resided, reported that a letter had passed through the local post office, containing particulars of an arrangement made for a meeting of the Kellys and a Chinese gold buyer, on a certain night at Spinks Crossing on the Ovens River. (Sadleir)

In September 1879 Spinks Crossing was not fordable. (RC742)

Paddy Byrne purchased his grey mare at Tarrawingee for £20. (RC12217)

Rivers Creeks and Hills near Tarawingi

What happened at Tarawingi after the time of the KellyGang

What is happening at Tarawingi today